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Reilly, Marceta

Marceta Fleming Reilly

34 years of experience in education – Former teacher, principal, and school superintendent Author, leadership coach, and dynamic speaker Founder, Reilly & Associates

Reiss, Karla

Karla J. Reiss

Karla Reiss is an award-winning consultant who is dedicated to the continuous improvement of individuals, teams and organizations. She provides executive and leadership coaching services, workplace and leadership assessments and products that empower others to lead professional and personal change.

Ripp, Pernille

Pernille Schmidt Ripp

Pernille Ripp is a 5th grade teacher in Middleton, Wisconsin where she gets to inspire students to take control of their learning journey on a daily basis.  She is also the creator of the Global Read Aloud (, a literacy initiative that has connected more than 200,000 students since 2010

Rodriguez, Nickolas

Nickolas C. Rodriguez

Nick Rodriguez is an international expert on deliverology, the emerging science of delivering results at scale. There is often an implementation gap in the work of school reform: the ideas are good, but the execution varies.

Robbins, Pamela

Pamela M. Robbins

Consultant, lecturer, and author Pam Robbins works with school systems, professional organizations, State Departments of Education, leadership academies, and corporations internationally covering topics such as professional learning communities, effective teaching, how the brain learns, emotional intelligence, leadership, peer coaching, school culture, te

Reason, Casey

Casey S. Reason

Author, leadership trainer, and consultant Dr. Casey Reason has worked with leaders and schools throughout the world and has consulted with numerous large corporate clients on breakthrough strategies designed to improve performance and overcome resistance to change.

Robb, Laura

Laura J. Robb

Laura Robb taught for more than 40 years in grades 4-8. She presently coaches teachers in vocabulary, productive talk about reading, deep reading and writing, and teacher motivation.

Romero, Victoria

Victoria Elaine Romero

Victoria E. Romero taught elementary students in one suburban and two urban school districts; significantly improved the academic standing of two schools as a principal; and coached administrators, directors, and school leadership teams for sustainable school improvement in five school districts.

Ainsley Rose

Ainsley Rose, with over 40 years of experience in education, is a certified lead Visible Learning associate who specializes in systemic changes that impact teaching and learning.