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Wade Colwell

Education Youth Voices and Youth Leadership Educational Leadership Environmental Sustainability Environmental Justice … Leadership Conference: This workshop can design and deliver …

Fullan, Michael

Michael Fullan

Motion Leadership in Action: Michael Fullan provides keynotes on motion leadership, or how to “move” … reform. Leadership

Lassiter, Cathy

Cathy Lassiter

trust and take risks. In this seminar, four types of courageous leadership will be examined and applied to the most difficult school leadershipleadership actions that are linked to improved student achievement. This …

Flynn, Patrick

Patrick W. Flynn

in the areas of transformational leadership, performance management … Patrick and ReVISION Learning is highly sought after for its leadership in … Leadership CA0 739170 Flynn, Patrick …

Brueggeman, Amanda

Amanda Brueggeman

completed her Doctorate in Teacher Leadership the Spring of 2018. Her … Student-Centered Coaching Administration & Leadership

Moore, Eddie

Eddie Moore Jr.

Diversity, Privilege and Leadership: Are We Making Any Progress in the 21st … leadership across America. We all have an excellent opportunity to be positive … Leadership Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., is recognized as …

Tepper, Amy

Amy Tepper

Connecticut. Administration & Leadership CA0 739173 Tepper, Amy …

Jean Barbanente

executive leadership, and school boards on the implementation of deep equity … leadership approach and enhances her ability to connect with people from all … amp;amp; Leadership C40 CA0 Jean Barbanente …

Willie Adams

student efficacy, empowerment, and leadership skills … Administration & Leadership C40 CA0 Adams, Willie …