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Assessing Impact

Assessing Impact
Evaluating Staff Development

Second Edition
Edited by:

256 pages | Corwin
Assessing Impact is designed specifically for staff development leaders, program or project coordinators, curriculum directors, principals, or others who are responsible for their professional learning programs. The author assists school and district-level staff development program leaders and other stakeholders, to plan and conduct evaluations of staff programs. These are designed to improve student achievement, strengthen the power of individual program and to assess their impact.
About the Author
1. Evaluation as Normative Practice
2. Program Evaluation Overview
3. Evaluating Staff Development
4. Assess Evaluability
5. Formulate Evaluation Questions
6. Construct the Evaluation Framework
7. Collect Data
8. Organize, Analyze, and Display the Data
9. Interpret Data
10. Disseminate and Use Findings
11. Evaluate the Evaluation
12. Shifting Perspectives About Evaluating Staff Development
A Guide to the Appendices
Appendix A. Standards to Guide Evaluations
Appendix B. Sample Data-Collection Instruments
Appendix C. Staff Development Planning Guide
Appendix D. Mapping an Evaluation Step by Step
Appendix E. Online Resources for Evaluation

"Anyone who reads this book has to feel obligated to 'set their world on fire.' The text not only forces the reader to see how we are failing our children and their teachers, it provides the means for each of us to do better."

Michael J. Ford, Superintendent
Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD, Clifton Springs, NY

Interesting read with some good techniques. Worth considering for evaluation studies

Mr Anthony Goddard
Adult education, Tameside College
February 26, 2012

Solid supplimental resource for junior managers, those new to a leadership position responcible for training in the work place.

Miss Carmel Parker
Laboratory medine, central manchester university hospitals
November 23, 2011

A well written and easy to understand book which explains how to plan and conduct practitioner-based evaluations, in order to focus on student results and to improve staff development programs. Super examples of sample data-collection instruments and a useful staff development guide. I would recommend this book for all teachers and lecturers who are committed to continue improving their practice.

Mrs Ruth Baxter
Education , Blackburn College
February 18, 2010

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