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A Child's Brain

A Child's Brain
The Need for Nurture

September 2010 | 200 pages | Corwin
Robert Sylwester, author of more than 20 books on cognitive science, has written this latest book to help parents and educators understand children's cognitive development and provide suggestions on how to nurture children to their full potential. A companion to The Adolescent Brain, this rich resource:

- Examines the neurobiology of childhood, explaining the body/brain systems that develop during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood

- Explores factors that can enhance or delay development, such as nutrition, family life, relationships, illness, intelligence, technology, creativity, and the arts

- Provides practical suggestions to help adults promote healthy development and successful learning in the children they encounter

- Includes a glossary of neurobiological terms

A Child's Brain helps parents and educators understand the biological, emotional, and neurological changes that occur during childhood so they can support children's learning, socialization, and growth.

About the Author
Part 1. Understanding Childhood
1. Nature and Nurture: From Past to Present
2. Mastering Movement: From Imitation to Exploration
3. Brain Organization: From Input to Output
4. Development and Growth: From Womb to World
Part 2. Nurturing Childhood
5. Nurturing: From Unconditional Love to Behavioral Limits
6. Family and Friends: From Close to Loose Bonds
7. Nutrition: From Necessary to Nice
8. The Unexpected: From Joys and Toys to Fears and Tears
9. Childhood Illness: From Short to Long Term
10. Intelligence, Creativity, and the Arts: From What Is to What Could Be
11. Home and Beyond Home: From Biology to Technology
12: Preparing for Adolescence: From a Sheltered Childhood Toward an Autonomous Adulthood
Appendix A: Neurons and Glial Cells
Appendix B: Theories of Multiple Intelligences
Print and Electronic References and Additional Resources

"Sylwester makes a strong case for how neuroscience has changed the knowledge base and offers ways the new knowledge could and should be incorporated into planning for a child’s education. The author’s subtle sense of humor communicates complex conclusions with great effectiveness."

Barbara Clark, Professor Emeritus
California State University, Los Angeles

"This valuable, reader-friendly book helps parents, teachers, and others who work with young children understand the complex and amazing processes involved as the young brain grows and develops."

David A. Sousa, Consultant in Educational Neuroscience
Author of How the Brain Learns

"The book reminds us of the importance of nurturing children during a time when schools are facing the great stress of having students perform on standardized tests. We need to help children develop from their core through nurture, even if that development cannot be measured on a test."

Sonia Trehan Kelly, Director
Blue River Montessori School, Duxbury, MA
Key features

An engaging and enlightening discussion of the child's developing brain and developmental needs by author, educator, scientist, and grandparent of 20 children, Robert Sylwester, who clearly delineates the need for unconditional love and positive role modeling during the vulnerable and protracted stage of human childhood.

  • Part I focuses on the neurobiology of childhood, explaining the basic body/brain systems that develop during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood.
  • Part II explores the childhood experiences that can enhance or delay development, including nutrition, illness, exercise, language acquisition, social interaction and collaboration.
  • Two chapters focus on the increasing role of technology in children's lives, and our need for the arts--and its importance in the curriculum--as the playing field on which intelligence and creativity develop.
  • Throughout, Sylwester focuses on the knowledge and skills adults need to nurture children and help them develop into responsible adolescents and autonomous adults.
  • A glossary of key neurobiological terms is included in the back matter. 


Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: Nature and Nurture

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