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RESULTS Coaching - Book Cover

RESULTS Coaching

The New Essential for School Leaders

This resource offers “coach-leaders” tools and strategies for guiding staff to continuously grow and improve, maximize their potential, and create productive school cultures.

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RESULTS Coaching - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412986748
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2010
  • Page Count: 264
  • Publication date: July 03, 2012

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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"Leaders who are truly committed to substantive and lasting change will find that RESULTS coaching is one of the definitive actions they can take."
—Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director, National Staff Development Council

"RESULTS Coaching incorporates the best from many models of coaching, including cognitive coaching, and provides a valuable resource for leaders to clearly articulate the work of schools."
—Robert J. Garmston, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento, Co-Developer, Cognitive Coaching

Discover how RESULTS Coaching can foster continuous growth and improvement in your entire staff!

RESULTS Coaching is a leadership model based on building coaching relationships with staff members to help them develop as professionals. Being a "coach-leader" is a new identity that challenges leaders to "walk the talk," continuously growing and improving themselves before leading and modeling for others.

Built upon the International Coach Federation standards and competencies for coaching, this exciting new resource empowers you to maximize the potential of everyone around you. This book offers:

  • A navigation system for promoting creative thinking and solution finding at every level of school systems
  • Language that builds trust, confidence, and competence
  • Methods for effective communication, such as committed listening, powerful paraphrasing, presuming positive intent, and reflective feedback
  • Testimonials of coach-leaders describing the results they have achieved in their schools
  • Strategies, tools, and questions that provide a model for conducting open and reflective conversations

Use this successful blueprint to guide teachers, staff, and students in creating productive school cultures that grow from within!

Key features

  • Built upon the International Coaching Federation standards and competencies for coaching
  • Includes strategies, tools, and specific questions that provide a model for the school leader in conducting essential conversations for school success
  • Highlights coaching essentials
  • Offers testimonials of leaders who have experienced coaching and the results they have achieved
  • Includes self-assessments, reflection opportunities, forms, summaries, and a bibliography


Kathryn M. Kee photo

Kathryn M. Kee

Kathryn (Harwell) Kee is a committed and passionate champion for the power of COACHING and the impact the mindset and the skills of coaching offer to educational organizations, in particular, and to all places of work, in general. Having served in all levels of education since 1970, Kathy’s 47 years have confirmed her strongly held belief system of how critically important leadership is. She believes a leader must be committed to the research and knowledge we have today; to influence, motivate, inspire and grow people to use their best thinking to produce their best work. Our schools seem so hardwired to traditional processes and behaviors that to realize real lasting change will require the patience of Gandhi, the determination of Martin Luther King, and an army of committed Coach Leaders who want a different future and clear results for all children.

Kathy’s credentials range from teacher to assistant superintendent in districts from Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma and since, 1978, in Texas. She also served as adjunct mentor for University of North Texas for new administrators coaching their new career beginnings. Kathy’s experiences with leadership grew from being a student leader in student council and government; from teacher leadership to administrative leadership in gifted education, parent education, remedial reading, and campus and district leadership positions. A pattern a look back reveals is the power and magic of a leader’s belief in one’s potential and possibility. These RESULTS COACHING books voice her purpose and passion and the legacy of leadership she desires to leave.

Kathy is a founding partner of Results Coaching Global (RCG), and serves as a seminar instructor, mentor, and coach and directs the Accredited Coach Training Program. She has authored numerous articles and was a co-author of Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders. Other experiences and honors include: Past President and founder of the Texas Learning Forward; Past Present of Learning Forward; Recipient of Learning Forward’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Karen Anderson photo

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson believes coaching is her most significant work as an educator. She is passionate about working with leaders who are open to advancing their performance to a higher level. Leaders who “work on their work” in ways that challenge the norm, create a space for possibility, and include commitment to action motivate and inspire her as a coach.

Her dream is for every educator to have a coach; AND for every educator to “be” a Coach Leader. She wants her grandchildren to have a leader who looks for the best in all, values individual differences, and holds the highest standards and expectations for achieving one’s potential. She believes coaching has the power to transform the place we call school.

Karen has been a public school educator for over 45 years. In addition to coaching, her expertise has been facilitating groups focused on working collaboratively to discover solutions and improve processes and delivery systems. She is a national trainer and has served as an adjunct faculty member at Texas A & M University-Commerce. From 1996-2004, she served as the Executive Director of the Texas Staff Development Council and was recognized as the recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award.

As a founding partner of Results Coaching Global (RCG), Karen serves as a seminar instructor, mentor, and coach. She has authored numerous articles including “Coaching for High Performance” and “Leadership Coaching for Principals.” As one of the co-authors of Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders she was recognized as the recipient of Learning Forward’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Vicky Dearing photo

Vicky Dearing

Vicky Dearing has been involved with coaching for over twenty years. She believes that coaching has been one of the most important and influential components of her professional career and personal life and she wants to support others in experiencing the power of coaching. Vicky’s expertise and experiences include thirty years of work within public education, serving as an elementary teacher, a central office administrator leading and supporting Gifted programs, Title I programs, and At-Risk programs and as a principal who received state and national recognition for leading school to recognized and exemplary results. After retiring from public education, Vicky spent over eight years working in the business and higher education sector, traveling across the United States on behalf of supporting education initiatives and leadership development before joining her partners in the Results Coaching initiative. Her leadership roles in the business field include Consultant, Director, Vice President and Senior Vice President.

Vicky understands the demands and the rewards of leadership, regardless of the level or the title, and the possibilities for reaching increased results and personal satisfaction when people work within respected and trusting environments, toward a shared purpose and vision, with clearly identified and articulated expectations, standards, and goals and have honest and open conversations, using intentional communication skills designed to increase clarity, expand thinking and motivate people to move toward positive change. In addition to serving as a Business Partner and Lead Faculty Instructor with the Results Coaching Global Coaching School, Vicky coaches school leaders, business leaders and pastors from across the nation. She believes in the importance of ongoing development and the intentional practice of her own coaching skills and considers herself to be a life-long student of coaching.

Edna Harris photo

Edna Harris

Edna has worked as an educator in several large suburban school districts for over thirty years. She has experience as a teacher, supervisor, reading coordinator, principal and staff developer. She has developed curriculum and training materials for several organizations and school districts. She has presented training sessions for numerous professional organizations and universities primarily in the area of implementing effective staff development programs. She is a founding member of Coaching for Results and enjoys coaching school leaders.

In 1992-1993, Edna served as president of the Texas Staff Development Council. She was named Texas Staff Developer of the Year in 1997. She has served on a variety of national and state level task forces designed to promote effective staff development practices including teacher certification and legislative policies. In addition to the growth opportunities she has had as a consultant and school district administrator, she serves in a variety of leadership roles in her church. She continually strives to enhance her skills in the areas of group facilitation, understanding/sharing the link between teacher training and student success, coaching, and leadership development. Edna is a founding member of Coaching for Results and certified through International Coaches Federation as an Associate Certified Coach.

Frances Shuster photo

Frances Shuster

Frances Shuster was an early adopter of the professional coaching model and is part of the first wave of students and active members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the global leader in professional coaching. She has served in various roles and capacities in support of and contribution to professional coaching, both as a volunteer and as a leader, faculty instructor, mentor, coach and partner in Results Coaching Global. Frances has also been active in the University of Texas at Dallas coach training program since 2008, serving as an instructor, supervising mentor and assessor. She continues to be in conversation with the “movers and shakers” of the global coaching community, who are working toward maintaining the integrity and vitality of professional coaching now and into the future.

Frances is surrounded by a family of educators in the generations before and following her. Her public school career included teaching in elementary schools, coordinating and supervising gifted and talented and reading programs, and directing professional development and learning. She served in high needs schools throughout the country as a literacy consultant, teaching literacy strategies, observing and coaching teachers.

As a curious observer of human nature, Frances notices the patterns of behavior frequently associated in coaching interactions. The person who is being coached is frequently transformed in her beliefs, mindset, and actions because of the trust and belief of her coach. Just as often, the coach is transformed in her mindset and actions because of the trust and vulnerability that grows in the coaching relationship. Her life purpose—“To seek and share love, peace, wisdom and joy” is actualized in her work as a teacher and coach and in her circle of Very Important Family and Friends. (VIFF)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About the Authors

Foreword by Dennis Sparks



1. The Coach Leader Mindset: The Cognitive Shift

2. Intention: Being Purposeful

3. Leader as Coach: The Results Coaching Navigation System

4. Language: The Essential Connector

5. Communication Skills: The New Essentials

#1 - Committed Listening

#2 - Powerful Paraphrasing

#3 - Presuming Positive Intent and Powerful Questions

#4 - Reflective Feedback

6. The Leader’s GPS: Guided Pathways for Success

7. RESULTS Coaching Plan for Action: Essential for Unleashing Promise and Possibility


Appendix A: RESULTS Coaching Navigation System - Visual

Appendix B: RESULTS Coaching – GPS - Visual

Appendix C: RESULTS Coaching – Model - Visual

Appendix D: Assessments

Appendix E: ICF Code of Ethics

Appendix F: ICF Core Competencies

Appendix G: Coaching School Results: Evaluation and Testimonies

Appendix H: Skill Essays and Coaching Scripts




Price: $39.95
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