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Learning for Leadership

Developmental Strategies for Building Capacity in Our Schools

Help build internal capacity in adults to increase student achievement that increases education leaders’ capacities to support professional learning across schools and districts with this comprehensive guide to educational leadership preparation.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781412994408
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2013
  • Page Count: 320
  • Publication date: August 01, 2013

Price: $47.95

Price: $47.95
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Prepare education leaders to support adult professional growth with this comprehensive guide!

Supporting adult professional development—or capacity building—is a challenge in today’s high-accountability atmosphere, especially with new teacher and principal evaluations. Help prepare leaders to nurture human potential and build internal capacities with this one-of-a-kind resource. Through the authors’ practical advice, you’ll learn to

  • Employ practices that support leadership development in your schools and districts
  • Teach on-the-ground applications for effective professional learning initiatives
  • Design and implement action plans based on Four Pillar Practices for Growth that comprise a learning-oriented model of school leadership: Teaming, Providing Leadership Roles, Collegial Inquiry, and Mentoring with Developmental Intentionality
  • Help leaders bridge theory and practice with first-hand case study analyses

If you want to improve student achievement, then make schools and districts havens for learning for both students and educators with this comprehensive, highly adaptable, and accessible resource!

"Ellie Drago-Severson is one of our most insightful experts on the development of adult educational leaders. She is unique in her ability to move back and forth comfortably between powerful ideas and promising practices."
—Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education
Harvard University

“This is not another book about education reform to be read and cast aside—this is a book to be savored. It contributes profoundly to our understanding about how adults learn, the differences in the ways that adults learn, and how we can support and challenge adults as continuous learners within the context of the school day.”
—Deanna Burney, Executive Director
Leading by Learning, LLC

“Can those who teach in and lead our schools dramatically improve the development of their students without a new commitment to their own ongoing development? Drago-Severson and her co-authors think not. But more than this, they provide an expansively intelligent, intensely practical, research-based route to realizing this new commitment.”
—Robert G. Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Key features

(1) Provides a practical, field-tested portrait of promising practices for human capacity building in K-12 schools as well as guide to effective and immediate implementation.

(2) Focuses promising new leadership preparation practices that are grounded in constructive developmental theory.

(3) Includes examples of common obstacles and problems faced by leaders who strive to support adult development in their work context. 


Eleanor Drago-Severson photo

Eleanor Drago-Severson

Ellie Drago-Severson is Professor of Education Leadership and Adult Learning and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University. A developmental psychologist, Ellie teaches, conducts research, and serves as a consultant to school and district leaders, systems leaders, and teacher leaders in public, charter and private schools and systems—on professional and personal growth and learning; leadership that supports principal, teacher, school, and leadership development; and coaching and mentoring in K–12 schools, university settings, and other adult education contexts domestically and internationally. She is also an internationally certified developmental coach who works with leaders to build internal capacity, lead on behalf of social justice, and grow systemwide capacity.

For more than three decades, Ellie’s research, teaching, and partnerships in the field have sought—synergistically—to explore, and extend the possibilities of adult development and developmental leadership as levers for internal capacity building at the individual, team, organizational, and societal levels. Her work explores interconnected streams that focus on: the connection between internal capacities and educational leaders’ practice on behalf of social justice, a developmental approach to feedback for growth, pressing challenges national and international educational leaders are facing and helping them to manage them, leadership preparation and development, a new, learning-oriented model for leadership development, supporting adult development in individuals and teams across and within systems, supporting diverse adult English Language Learners and those who serve them, and growing teacher leadership. Consonant with the urgent conversations about transforming schools, systems, and society as more learning- and equity-oriented contexts, her work foregrounds how we can support leaders’ internal capacity building in schools, organizations, and leadership preparation programs, and how these capacities inform the gifts leaders are able to give to those in their care, each other, and the world as they lead for social justice. Ellie loves opportunities to accompany school leaders in their vital work—and never takes it for granted. Instead, she considers it a gift.

At Teachers College, Ellie is director of the PhD Program in Educational Leadership, teaches aspiring and practicing principals in the Summer Principals Academy, aspiring superintendents in the Urban Educators Leaders Program, leaders from a variety of different sectors in the Accelerated Educational Guided Inquiry Studies (AEGIS) Program, and also coaches leaders in the Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Leaders and in her private coaching practice to help leaders grow their practice and themselves. She also serves as faculty director and co-facilitator of the Leadership Institute for School Change at Teachers College. Ellie is author of the best-selling books Helping Teachers Learn (Corwin, 2004) and Leading Adult Learning (Corwin/The National Staff Development Council, 2009)—as well as Becoming Adult Learners (Teachers College Press, 2004) and Helping Educators Grow (Harvard Education Press, 2012). She is also a co-author of Learning for Leadership (Corwin, 2013), Learning Designs (Learning Forward & Corwin, 2014), Tell Me So I Can Hear You (Harvard Education Press, 2016), and Leading change together (ASCD, 2018).

Ellie’s work has earned awards from the Spencer Foundation, the Klingenstein Foundation, and Harvard, where she served on faculty for 8 years and was awarded the Morningstar Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Dean’s award for Excellent in Teaching. Most recently, Ellie received three outstanding teaching awards from Columbia University. She has earned degrees from Long Island University (BA) and Harvard University (EdM, EdD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship). Ellie grew up in the Bronx and is very grateful for the way in which it and that community has shaped her life.
Jessica Blum-DeStefano photo

Jessica Blum-DeStefano

Jessica Blum-DeStefano is an instructor and advisor at Bank Street College of Education, where she teaches adult development and qualitative research methods. Her teaching, scholarship, and approach to leadership foreground the power of growth and interconnection—especially as they relate to individual perspective transformation, authentic collaboration, and capacity building systemwide. Toward these ends, her work is inspired by an interdisciplinary tapestry of ideas—including adult developmental theories, social justice frameworks, the history and philosophy of education, organizational studies, student voice, and qualitative/mixed-methods research—as well as the nine rewarding years she spent as a teacher and school administrator in K-12 alternative education settings. Jessica earned her PhD in Education Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University, and holds additional degrees from Emory University (BA), Hofstra University (MA), and Teachers College (M.Phil.) Jessica is a coauthor of Learning for Leadership: Developmental Strategies for Building Capacity in Our Schools (Corwin, 2013), Tell Me So I Can Hear You: A Developmental Approach to Feedback for Educators (Harvard Education Press, 2016), and Leading Change Together: Developing Educator Capacity Within Schools and Systems (ASCD, 2018).

Anila Asghar photo

Anila Asghar

Anila Asghar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. Her research and teaching encompass a number of interconnected areas: cognitive and emotional development; curriculum development; science pedagogy; teacher education; and educational leadership in a variety of international settings. She earned her doctorate from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and carried out her postdoctoral research at McGill University. She also received an Ed.M. from Harvard University, and an M.A. in Science Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About the Authors

Part I. Foundations

Chapter 1. New Imperatives for Change in Support of Building Teaching and Leading: The Promise of Supporting Adult Development--Capacity Building--in Today's Complex Educational World


Connecting This Book to Hopes and Urgent Needs in the Field

Situating This Book in the Context of Education Today

A Note About the Cover

Research Informing This Book

Organization of This Book

Our Hopes for You: Enhancing Your Learning and Noble Practice

Reflective Questions

Chapter 2. Leadership for Transformational Learning: A Developmental Model for Building Human Capacity in Diverse Contexts

Introduction and Overview

Constructive-Developmental Theory: A Sneak Peak

Leadership for Transformational Learning (LTL): Course Overview

The Promise of Learning Oriented Leadership

Chapter Summary

Reflective Questions

Chapter 3. A Close-up on Constructive-Developmental Theory: Using Theory to Guide Adult Learning in Schools, Districts, and University Preparation Programs

Introduction and Overview

Informational and Transformational Learning: Why Might This Distinction Matter to You?

Foundational Principles of Constructive-Developmental Theory

Why Ways of Knowing and Holding Environments Matter

Chapter Summary

Reflective Questions

Part II. Lessons and Examples From Leaders in the Field

Chapter 4. Learning about Leadership for Adult Development: LTL Ideas and Practices That Made a Difference for Leaders

Introduction and Overview

New Understandings of Learning-Oriented Leadership and Supporting Adult Development

Helpful and Meaningful Course Learnings

Helpful and Meaningful Course Practices

Chapter Summary

Reflective Questions

Chapter 5. Transferring Powerful Learnings: Supporting Professional Growth from University Classrooms to Real-Life Practice

Introduction and Overview

Hopes for Developmentally Oriented Leadership Practice

Transfer to Practice

Chapter Summary

Reflective Questions

Chapter 6. Integrated Lessons from the Field: Three In-Depth Cases of Developmentally Oriented Leadership Practice

Introduction and Overview

Matt's Leadership Case: Nurturing the Preconditions and Collegial Inquiry Through Developmentally Oriented, Data-Driven Discussions of Practice

Tara's Leadership Case: Building Teams for Collaboration and Collegial Inquiry

Adrian's Leadership Case: Supporting Professional Learning Through Reciprocal Mentoring and Providing Leadership Roles

Chapter Summary

Reflective Questions

Chapter 7. Growing from, through, and beyond Obstacles: Leaders' Big Challenges and Their Strategies for Overcoming Them

Introduction and Overview

Challenging Norms: Confronting "The Way It's Always Been"

Facing Resistance: Pushing Forward Despite "Pushback" From Colleagues and/or Supervisors

The Urgency of Time: A Common Challenge

Professional Isolation: The Loneliness of Leadership

Growing Oneself: A Fundamental Need and Responsibility of Leadership

Chapter Summary

Reflective Questions

Part III. Implications for Practice and Policy

Chapter 8. In the Spirit of Closing Well: Implications for Leaders, Schools, Districts and Systems

Looking Back and Ahead: Reflecting on Our Journey Together

Leaders' Requested Supports: Making Space for Renewal, Deep Connection, and Authentic Learning

Implications: What Schools, Districts, and Systems Can Do . . . and What You Can, Too

New Beginnings

Resource A. Research Appendix

Resource B. Leadership for Transformational Learning (LTL) Course Topics

Resource C. Leadership for Transformational Learning (LTL) Citations for Course Readings






Price: $47.95
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