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Impact Coaching - Book Cover

Impact Coaching

Scaling Instructional Leadership
By: Julie R. Smith, Raymond Smith

Foreword by Jim Knight

This solid, sustainable, and laser-sharp focus on instructional leadership strategies for leaders might just be your most impactful investment toward student achievement.

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Impact Coaching - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506361826
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2017
  • Page Count: 216
  • Publication date: December 21, 2017

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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Invest in building talent. The best principals don’t just happen.

When new principals are handed the keys and left to make decisions about their schools without adequate, sustained support, what happens? Too often, school improvement efforts don’t gain full traction, principals often give up and leave and real student gains remain out-of-reach.

Impact Coaching bucks the notion of leaving principals to learn the ropes on their own. This book offers a solid, sustainable, and laser-sharp focus on instructional leadership and helps leaders hone, model and lead new learning through deliberate practice by:

Engaging in rich, rigorous, and reflective open-to-learning conversations with both coaches and colleagues to improve instructional leadership practices

Leveraging their 5 Big Winner Practices for highest impact

Using Linking Walk templates to apply new ideas to real scenarios that improve lead learner practices

This book could be your single most impactful investment toward eventual student achievement.

"The authors do a great job of sharing the benefits of coaching and elaborating on how the coaching partnership should and could look. The book is very relevant, clearly based on research, and has some great checklists to further clarify the recommended steps."
–Kathy Rhodes, Principal
Hinton Elementary, Hinton, IA

“Impact Coaching provides school leaders with the tools to turn opportunity into action. Educational leaders possess an incredible capacity to influence the system and impact student learning. Ray and Julie Smith present strategies for focusing on leadership practices that maximize impact on student learning and achievement. This book will re-ignite your commitment to creating effective change, bolster your confidence to persist through challenges, and renew your motivation to reach your fullest potential. The authors will simultaneously inspire your soul and challenge your mind!”
–Russell J. Quaglia, President/Founder
Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations


Key features

  • performance rubrics
  • sample self-assessments
  • professional growth plan forms
  • significant number of tables, figures, and exhibits
  • Linking Walk templates
  • Author(s)


    Julie R. Smith photo

    Julie R. Smith

    Dr. Julie R. Smith is a thirty-five year veteran educator, speaker, consultant, and author. Her passion, area of focus, and expertise is in building leadership capacity within people and systems; school improvement planning, and teacher, principal, and district evaluation models. Dr. Smith continues her learning by providing workshops in North America and Canada around Professor John Hattie’s research in Visible Learning as a Visible LearningPlus Consultant with Corwin. She is also trained to provide workshops in Dr. James Popham’s research around designing and implementing defensible teacher evaluation programs and Dr. Russ Quaglia’s Student Voice and Aspiration Framework. She most recently co-authored Evaluating Instructional Leadership: Recognized Practices For Success (2015).

    Raymond Smith photo

    Raymond Smith

    Dr. Raymond Smith is an Author Consultant with Corwin Press. Prior to joining Corwin Dr. Smith served as adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center teaching within a principal preparation program and currently works with Florida Atlantic University in their aspiring leader program. Dr. Smith’s diverse experience includes over 38 years of teaching and leadership at the building (high school principal), central office (Director of Secondary Education), and university levels.

    Subsequent to completing his doctorate in educational leadership and innovation in 2007, Dr. Smith pursued his area of specialty and passion in leadership development by authoring several articles for the Ohio Department of Education, coauthoring three books: the first entitled School Improvement for the Net Generation (2010), the second entitled The Reflective Leader: Implementing A Multidimensional Leadership Performance System (2012), and the third entitled The Responsive School (in print).

    In addition to writing about leadership and leadership development, Dr. Smith is an activator of learning, leading others in workshops around Professor John Hattie’s research in Visible Learning as one of 21 Visible LearningPlus Consultants with Corwin. He also conducts workshops around Dr. James Popham’s research regarding designing and implementing defensible teacher evaluation programs.
    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Foreword by Jim Knight


    Retain Your Investment in Leadership

    Promote Continuous Learning

    Where Do Impact Coaches Come From?

    Special Features

    Who Is This Book For?

    Introducing Rachel Hazel, Featured Coachee


    About the Authors

    Chapter 1: Why Do School Leaders Need Coaching?

    The Dubious Quality of Traditional Professional Development

    Common Forms of Coaching

    Research on Leadership Coaching

    Key Takeaways

    Going Deeper

    Chapter 2: Leveraging Your Five Big-Winner Leadership Practices

    The 80/20 Rule

    High-Impact Instructional Leadership Practices

    Key Takeaways

    Going Deeper

    Chapter 3: What Does Impact Coaching Look Like?

    The Impact Coaching Cycle

    Key Takeaways

    Going Deeper

    Chapter 4: Partnership Principles and Theories of Practice

    Knight’s Partnership Principles

    Theories of Practice

    Key Takeaways

    Going Deeper

    Chapter 5: Impact Partner Communication

    Why Conversations About Improvement Can Be Difficult

    Conducting Open-to-Learning Conversations

    Key Components of an Open-to-Learning Conversation

    Engaging in Behaviors That Mediate Thinking

    Key Takeaways

    Going Deeper

    Chapter 6: Engaging School Leaders and Starting the Journey

    Getting School Leaders Amenable to Coaching

    Making Change Happen: Hall and Hord

    Key Functions of Change and Professional Learning in Schools

    The Components of Impact Coaching

    Key Takeaways

    Going Deeper

    Chapter 7: Modeling, Observing, and Collaboratively Exploring Data

    Impact Coaching Process Tools

    Key Takeaways

    Going Deeper

    Chapter 8: The End of Impact Coaching: Scaling Instructional Leadership

    What Do We Now Know?

    Learning About Impact Coaching During Coaching

    Our Challenge to You


    Section 1: Feedback Cue Card

    Section 2: Instructional Leadership Elements Rubrics

    Section 3: LinkingWalk Evidence-Gathering Templates

    Section 4: Theories-of-Practice Self-Assessment Tool






    Price: $39.95
    Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

    For Instructors

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