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Developing Teacher Leaders

How Teacher Leadership Enhances School Success
Second Edition
By: Frank Crowther, Margaret Ferguson, Leonne Hann

Foreword by Andy Hargreaves

With five new case studies, this revised edition shows principals and staff developers how to collaborate with teachers in fostering, developing, and supporting teacher leadership.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412963756
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2008
  • Page Count: 216
  • Publication date: March 07, 2013

Price: $41.95

Price: $41.95
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"This book contributes to the literature on teacher leadership with a particular focus on schoolwide excellence in teaching, learning, and assessment. The exercises are filled with solid and practical but generative ideas."
—Richard Ackerman, Professor
The University of Maine

Rediscover the importance of teacher leadership in revitalizing schools!

Teacher leadership is a transformative process that can drive school and community reform. This revised edition of the groundbreaking bestseller builds on current research to help teachers and administrators work together to foster, develop, and support teacher leadership.

Principals and staff developers will learn how collaborating with teacher leaders can result in significantly improved school outcomes. With the Teachers as Leaders Framework, teachers can become leaders who facilitate communities of learning, strive for pedagogical excellence, confront barriers in the school's culture and structures, and nurture a culture of success. Featured in the second edition are:

  • Five new school case studies with insights about the complexity of teacher leadership
  • Expanded discussion of the capacity-building process for teacher leaders and principals
  • An outline of a school development program based on teacher leadership and parallel leadership

With exercises for systematically developing teacher leaders, the second edition of this invaluable guide is for every educator who believes in teacher leadership as a crucial step toward making schools a source of instruction and inspiration.



Frank Crowther photo

Frank Crowther

Frank Crowther is an internationally respected scholar and researcher in educational manage­ment and leadership. He is professor and direc­tor of the Leadership Research Institute at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. In 1997, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Australian Council for Educational Administra­tion in recognition of his services to educational leadership.
Margaret Ferguson photo

Margaret Ferguson

Margaret Ferguson is district manager of ed­ucation services at Education Queensland. She has worked extensively in teacher leader development. Her work focuses on capacity building, leadership, and pedagogical enhancement in schools.
Leonne Hann photo

Leonne Hann

Leonne Hann is senior research associate in the Leadership Research Institute at the University of Southern Queensland. She has participated in national research projects in school innovation. Her recently completed postgraduate study deals with teacher lead­ership and successful school reform.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Second Edition by Andy Hargreaves

Preface to the Second Edition


About the Authors

1. Teachers as Leaders: Emergence of a New Paradigm

Needed: A New Paradigm of the Teaching Profession

Snapshot One: Greenhills State High School

Snapshot Two: Whistlerock Elementary School

Probing the Work of Teacher Leaders: An Exhilarating Endeavor

The Framework in Action


2. Five Premises to Guide Revitalization of the Teaching Profession

Sustaining the Reform Agenda

Snapshot Three: Adams Secondary College

Five Premises to Guide the Development of the Teaching Profession


3. Building School Capacity Through Shared Leadership

Snapshot Four: Johnsonvale State School

Defining Parallel Leadership

Three Essential Characteristics of Parallel Leadership

Parallelism in the Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

How Parallel Leadership Works in Schools

Holistic Professional Learning

Distinctive Culture Building

Schoolwide Pedagogical Development

The Dynamics of School Capacity Building


4. New Roles for School Principals

The Principal's Role: Change Is Overdue

Snapshot Five: Minnemanka Senior High School

The Principal’s Five Metastrategic Functions

Enabling Teacher Leadership: Seven Challenges for School Principals

Snapshot Six: St. Monica’s, Boeing Heights


5. Preparing for Teacher Leadership


Key Questions and Concepts Underpinning the CLASS Plan

Orientation to, and Preparation for, the Program

Stimulating and Nurturing Teacher Leadership Capabilities

Developing Parallel Leadership Relationships and Strategies

Sustaining Teacher Leadership Into the Future

6. The CLASS Plan

Component One: Orientation

Component Two: Stimulating and Nurturing Teacher Leadership Capabilities

Component Three: Developing Parallel Leadership Relationships and Strategies

Component Four: Sustaining Teacher Leadership Into the Future

Resource A: Overview of the IDEAS Project

Resource B: Overview of the Teachers as Leaders Research Design

Resource C: A Report on the Michigan Review





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Price: $41.95
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