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Deeper Writing

Quick Writes and Mentor Texts to Illuminate New Possibilities
By: Robin W. Holland

Foreword by Franki Sibberson

Make writing time really count with 45 easy-to-use quick writes, carefully selected mentor texts for inspiration, and guidelines for crafting your own original quick writes.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781452229942
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2012
  • Page Count: 232
  • Publication date: November 15, 2012

Price: $34.95

Price: $34.95
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Your best tool for building fluent writers

Move beyond routine assignments and make your classroom's writing time really count! No extra time or effort required—this smart and compelling collection is designed to enhance the writing instruction you're already providing. More than just prompts, these texts will foster authentic writing every day, as you challenge your students to build fluency and write for a variety of purposes—top priorities of the Common Core.

Whether you teach beginning writers or high school students, you can dive right in to

  • 45 quick writes in an easy-to-use framework with suggested grade levels
  • Carefully selected mentor texts that provide models and inspiration for student writing
  • Guidelines for crafting your own original quick writes, tailored to your students' needs

Deeper Writing gives you the tools and strategies you need to help your students' writing flourish, as they dig beneath the surface, remember and reflect and imagine, and learn to write with deeper meaning.

"Here are the resources you would collect if you had months to search for them. Robin shows how each can be used to help students find satisfying topics and then develop those by studying the craft of other writers. This book will inspire you to write—and lead your students to write—with heart, with passion, and with increasing skill."
—Penny Kittle, Author of Write Beside Them and Book Love

Key features

  • Includes over 45 writing prompts and shows teachers how to craft their own unique writing opportunities - Section 3 guides readers through the development of an effective writing prompt and offers suggestions for develop additional prompts
  • Accessible, user-friendly format - Each prompt is labeled with a suggested grade level, based on both content and mentor texts. In addition, ideas for modifications will be provided.
  • Grounded in research, but also informed by decades of classroom experience - The book draws on the work of Donald Graves, Donald Murray, Katie Wood Ray, and other notables in the fields of writing and student engagement, but also includes numerous vignettes and teaching tips from real classrooms.
  • Each prompt is presented with several suggested mentor texts - These selections provide vision, and model possibilities and directions for student writers.
  • Goes beyond just providing prompts— Holland offers strategies for fostering authentic writing, increasing fluency and preparing students to write for a variety of purposes.
  • Designed to enhance the writing instruction that teachers are already providing - The prompts and mentor texts can be used to support, supplement and/or follow basic instruction and complements any writing approach or program be utilized (i.e. 6 Traits, 6+1 Trait®, Calkins' units of study, writing workshop etc).
  • The prompts are not limited to use in writing instruction alone - As teachers delve into content area instruction and nonfiction lessons, these prompts can provide a way to introduce topics or foster further reflection on various areas of study.


Robin W. Holland photo

Robin W. Holland

Robin W. Holland is co-director of the Columbus Area Writing Project (CAWP), a local affiliate of the National Writing Project. She has worked in the areas of writing and language arts for over 30 years. During this time she has developed district-wide writing initiatives, conducted inservice trainings, and created writing curriculum guides for Columbus City Schools. Prior to her appointment at CAWP in 2005, she held a number of positions at the building level, including classroom teacher, gifted educator, Title I Teacher, and Literacy Coach/Intervention Specialist. Holland currently works with teacher participants from levels K-16 as one of the facilitators of the CAWP Summer Writing Institute at The Ohio State University.

Please check out Robin Holland's new blog: http://deeperwritingrobinholland.blogspot.com/.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Foreword by Franki Sibberson


Introduction: Deeper Writing With Quick Writes and Mentor Texts

Chapter 1 Knowledge and Memory: Writing Ourselves

Chapter 2 Art, Lenses, and Visions: Writing the World We See

Chapter 3 Passion, Power, and Purpose: Writing to Change the World

Chapter 4 Containers, Craft, and Conventions: Writing in Different Genres

Chapter 5 The Creation of a Quick Write: Developing Your Own


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Price: $34.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

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