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Brief Counseling That Works

A Solution-Focused Therapy Approach for School Counselors and Other Mental Health Professionals
Third Edition
By: Gerald B. Sklare

A Joint Publication of the American School Counselor Association

Breakthrough counseling tools help you create well-defined client goals, conduct positive parent conferences, and work with reluctant clients for maximum student progress in less time!

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781483332338
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2014
  • Page Count: 248
  • Publication date: June 11, 2014

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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Everything you need for maximum counseling results in less time!

Expert Gerald Sklare is back with a breakthrough approach to effective counseling. Get fresh insights and new applications for solution-focused brief counseling (SFBC). Revised and expanded chapters help you:

Conduct brief, short-term sessions that lead to rapid, observable change
Create well-defined client goals
Enable clients to envision and take steps toward a more hopeful future
Maximize your time for rapid, observable student progress
Use the solution-focused principles with reluctant clients
Conduct positive, goal-oriented parent conferences
Work with individuals in school and community settings

You’ll find a brand new chapter on abbreviated SFBC sessions, updated case studies and research, helpful flow charts and note sheets, and invaluable practice exercises. This “how-to” book gives you everything you need to implement this powerful, innovative counseling approach.

“Simple yet spectacular, my students and I LOVE Brief Counseling that Works! It presents a user-friendly, time-efficient, and very effective approach to counseling school-aged youth (and adults)!”
—Bradley T. Erford, Professor
Past President of the American Counseling Association
Loyola University of Maryland


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Gerald B. Sklare

Gerald B. Sklare, EdD, LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor), NCC (Nationally Certified Counselor), is a profes-sor in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Both his master’s degree and doctorate are in counselor education from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He has served as a teacher and counselor in elementary, junior high, and high schools; he has conducted workshops around the United States on SFBC; and he has practiced in school settings and in private practice using this approach.

Hear from the author himself here.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Overview of the Contents

What’s New in This Edition

Who Can Benefit From This Book


Publisher's Acknowledgments

About the Author

1. Counseling in Schools and Other Settings: Problems and Solutions

Origins of Solution-Focused Brief Counseling

Differences and Similarities


Core “Rules”

Solution-Focused Assumptions

Additional Guiding Concepts


Practice Exercise

2. Setting Goals

Opening the First Meeting: Establishing Rapport and Explaining the Process

Developing a Positive Goal

The Miracle Question

“What Else” Questions

Establishing Well-Developed Goals: An Overview


Practice Exercises

3. Discovering and Constructing Solutions

Discovering Unrecognized Solutions: Instances of Success

Empowering Clients Through Recognition of Their Resources

Scaling a Baseline and Progress

Flagging the Minefield: Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles

Concluding the Initial Session With a Message


Practice Exercise

4. Connecting the Pieces

Components of the First Session

Case Study With Pedro: Session One


Practice Exercises

5. Abbreviated SFBC Session

Explaining the Process

Determine What the Client Wants to Achieve

Use Scaling to Determine Clients’ Views of Their Present Situation

What’s the Highest Number the Client Has Ever Been?

The Message

A Case of an Abbreviated SFBC Session


6. Conducting Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent Sessions: Getting Started

Components of Second and Subsequent Sessions

Assessing Whether Further Counseling is Needed

Writing a Message

Tools for Second and Subsequent Sessions: Flow Chart and Note Sheet

Subsequent Sessions With Pedro


7. Working With Reluctant Clients and Challenging Situations

Helping Involuntary Clients Become Customers for Counseling

SFBC With Students Mandated for Counseling in Lieu of Disciplinary Action

Turning Difficult Situations Into Workable Goals


8. Expanding Applications of Solution-Focused Concepts

10-Second “Counseling”

Solution-Focused Counseling Referral Form

Use of Puppets in SFBC

Use of Sand Trays in SFBC

Solution-Focused Group Counseling

Classroom Counseling Using SFBC Methods

Solution-Focused Parent-Teacher Conferences

Solution-Focused Guided Imagery


Final Thoughts

Appendix A: Counseling Session With Kasey: A Practice Exercise

Appendix B: Solution-Focused Guided Imagery

Appendix C: Practice Detailing a Non-Specific Goal





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Price: $39.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

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When you select 'request review copy', you will be redirected to Sage Publishing (our parent site) to process your request.