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Balancing Leadership and Personal Growth

The School Administrator's Guide
By: Christa Metzger

Foreword by Paul D. Houston, Executive Director, AASA

Enrich your leadership practice while balancing the personal aspects in your life that can become neglected when facing too many professional pressures.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781412927000
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2006
  • Page Count: 168
  • Publication date: January 25, 2013

Price: $34.95

Price: $34.95
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"Christa Metzger has provided a heartfelt syllabus for maintaining the all-important connections between mind and body, between physical and psychological experience. Know yourself, she counsels, and then she provides a multitude of tips both large and small to light the way. If a difficult journey begins with a single step, heeding the invaluable counsel of this book is the right first step to take."
—Robert W. Cole, Editor and Writer
Former Editor-in Chief, Phi Delta Kappa
President, Educational Press Association of America

Promote strong teaching and learning while maintaining personal leadership development and growth!

Do you find yourself looking for a better way to respond to the stresses of your job? Are you asking, "How do I relate my job to my goals and beliefs and achieve a sense of balance between my personal and professional life?" You're not alone. Many school leaders have these questions, but the answers are not always easy to find.

After conducting intensive research and observations of school district superintendents, administrators, and school principals, the author offers strategies for achieving a healthy work and life balance, including:

  • Taking care of yourself as well as you do others
  • Defining and applying the six themes of personal growth
  • Nourishing your spirit, finding time for solitude and meditation, and cultivating relationships
  • Fulfilling your purpose as a leader and finding meaning as a person

By learning to take of yourself, you not only enhance your own work and life, you also enhance the lives of people you encounter on a daily basis. 

Key features

· Immediately useful life reminders and strategies to find more balance between work and life
· Helps school leaders get back to their original draw to work in education



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Christa Metzger

Christa Metzger is currently Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at California State University, Northridge. She has taught graduate courses in educational administration in the master’s and administrative credential programs at CSUN since 1995. She was recently awarded the Professor Emeritus status. Christa has a doctorate (PhD) in educational administration from Arizona State University, a master’s degree from the University of Florida, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Southern College. Christa has been a teacher and school administrator for over 25 years in Germany, Arizona, and California. She was a school district Superintendent for 10 years before coming to California State University, Northridge as a university professor. Christa has been actively involved on many state and regional boards and has held leadership positions in community and professional organizations, including a term on the Phi Delta Kappan editorial board. In 1990, she was awarded the “All Arizona Superintendent” award by the Arizona School Administrator’s Association. Christa has published numerous articles and conducted research in areas related to educational administration, in particular on how school leaders keep a balance between their personal and professional lives. She has made many presentations and conducted workshops for school administrators, university faculty and others. She has led meditation in her church for over ten years. Recently she formed a group of artists, musicians, and writers who conduct workshops on Creative Paths to Spirituality: Exploring Your Journey from the Head to the Heart. Christa lives with her architect husband, Hank, on their 42 foot sailboat in Marina del Rey, California. They have a home in North Carolina where they plan to retire in a few years.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Paul D. Houston



About the Author

1. Taking Care of Yourself as Well as You Do Others

2. Defining Personal Growth

3. Finding Time for Yourself While Working on Behalf of Others

4. Strategies for Personal Growth: Becoming a More Balanced Person

5. Physical Activities: Taking Care of Your Body

6. Reflective Reading: Nourishing Your Spirit and Soul

7. Music, Art, Writing, and Other Creative Work: Engaging Transformative Powers

8. Time for and With Yourself: Silence, Solitude and Meditation

9. Dreamwork: Knowing Your Whole Self

10. Spending Time With Those Who Care About You: Another Way to Balance

11. Fulfilling Your Purpose as a Leader and Finding Meaning as a Person

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Price: $34.95
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