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Martha H. Hopkins

Martha H. Hopkins (Marty) is Professor of Education at the University of Central Florida. Before joining the university Marty taught Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 in public and private schools in New Jersey and Florida and coordinated a Title I Math program in Ocala, Florida. She received her Masters of Education degree at the University of Florida and her PhD at The Florida State University. After teaching at UCF for 15 years, she became con-cerned that the methods and materials she was teaching in her undergraduate classes might be out of date. At the same time, the university began to discuss National Board Certification and the implications it would have on its graduate and undergraduate programs. Marty requested permission to return to the elementary classroom for one year to refresh her teaching skills and to apply for National Board Certification. Since returning to the university Marty has immersed herself in National Board initiatives. She teaches several online candidate-support classes, hosts a conference for Florida NBCTs each spring, and is presently creating a teacher lead-ership degree for teachers who want to expand their leadership role while staying in the classroom. Marty and her husband live in Florida. They are avid sailors and enjoy travel-ing through the wine country of California.