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Hays B. Lantz, Jr.  photo

Hays B. Lantz, Jr.

Hays Blaine Lantz, Jr. is currently Director of Science for grades PreK-12 for the Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland. Prior to this assignment, he served as Supervisor of Science K-12 for the Prince George’s County Public Schools; as Supervisor of the Howard B. Owens Science Center in Prince George’s County; as a Federal Programs Director, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Title IV-C Project Director, and as a high school administrator and classroom science teacher. Dr. Lantz has either taught or supervised all grades K-16, and has been extensively involved in professional and program development in science education for more than three decades. He has successfully directed several National Science Foundation projects, most recently the Partnerships for Math and Science Achievement (PMSA). In addition, Dr. Lantz also stays active as a science education consultant for several publishers and numerous school districts. His current research interests in science education include performance-based teaching and assessment, advance organizers, and the effects of prior knowledge on learning.

Dr. Lantz received his formal education at James Madison University and at the University of Virginia. He earned his doctorate in Science Education from the University of Virginia in 1981, with supporting fields in Research & Evaluation and Supervision & Administration. When not actively engaged in his work, Dr. Lantz enjoys skiing, golfing, fly fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.