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Visible Learning for Mathematics

Maximize student achievement in mathematics with Visible LearningTM

Chapter by chapter, and equipped with video clips, planning tools, rubrics, and templates, the bestselling Visible Learning for Mathematics gives you the foundation on which instructional strategies to use at each phase of the learning cycle: Surface, Deep, and Transfer.





Take Visible Learning for mathematics one step further...

How can you best help students to become assessment-capable visible learners in mathematics? These books answer that question by showing Visible Learning strategies in action in high-impact mathematics instruction. 


Walk in the shoes of teachers as they mix and match strategies, tasks, and assessments, demonstrating that it’s not only what works, but when. A decision-making matrix and grade-leveled examples help you leverage the most effective teaching practices at the most effective time to meet the surface, deep, and transfer learning needs of every young student. You’ll learn to:

  • Articulate clear learning intentions and success criteria at surface, deep, and transfer levels
  • Employ evidence to guide students along the path of becoming metacognitive and self-directed mathematics achievers
  • Use formative assessments to track what students understand, what they don’t, and why
  • Select the right task for the conceptual, procedural, or application emphasis you want, ensuring the task is for the right phase of learning
  • Adjust the difficulty and complexity of any task to meet the needs of all learners