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Mastermind Book Study

Revitalize your district's leadership with a FREE half-day retreat!

Be one of the first 5 districts to buy 25 copies of Mastermind, and author-coach Daniel Bauer will hold a free half-day retreat for your district.*

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase at least 25 copies of Mastermind
  • Send Daniel your receipt, PO, or other proof of purchase: Daniel@betterleadersbetterschools.com
  • Daniel will respond and coordinate the details for your half-day retreat



Lack of mentorship and coaching is a leading reason for leader attrition in education, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If it’s true that “Everyone wins when the leader gets better,” then your community is counting on you to prioritize your own professional growth – so that YOU get better.

The mastermind is an exceptional PD model for leaders looking to level up – and if this advantage worked for people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and FDR, what could it do for you and your school?

The question is – what would you be able to accomplish within your school if you showed up this year as the leader you were meant to be?

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*There are two options for the retreat: 1) Free virtual half-day retreat facilitated by Daniel Bauer. 2) If you would like an in-person event, Daniel will waive the speaker fee to come to your district if you pay for associated travel costs.



How to retain your best leaders while neighboring districts LOSE their talent to the "GREAT RESIGNATION"