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Distance Learning Books & Resources for Educators


Books and professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders on distance learning, blended learning, and everything in between. The pandemic teaching of mid-2020 was not distance learning—it was crisis teaching. Now, teachers, leaders, parents, and professors have the opportunity to prepare for online, virtual, and blended learning environments with purpose and intent by utilizing the research on what works best to accelerate students’ learning while maintaining an indelible focus on equity.

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Books & On-Your-Feet Guides


A Spanish translation of The Distance Learning Playbook, Grades K-12, (Aprendizaje a Distancia Guia, Guia de Preescolar a Bachillerator) or The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents (Aprendizaje a Distancia en Casa, Guia para Padres) can be purchased by contacting Irene Yepez at vigaexporta@trillas.mx or online at etrillas.mx.

Distance and Blended Learning Videos 

Simultaneous and hybrid learning strategies, distance learning for math, and blended learning tips from authors Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Theresa Wills, and Catlin Tucker.

Virtual Professional Learning


Accelerating Student Learning Institutes

Full-day institutes are designed to provide educators with guidance as to how we can leverage our professional expertise through the identification and implementation of evidence-based approaches and then continually seek evidence of the impact of our decisions on student learning.  Each institute provides a set agenda  that explores strategies specific to boosting engagement, accelerating learning, and measuring student achievement. Explore upcoming professional learning institutes below.




Book customized Distance Learning workshops

Distance Learning workshops, led by certified consultants, offer your school or district the unique opportunity to train your educators in building both student and educator capacity for distance, blended, and hybrid learning. Our certified experts are at the ready to deliver multifaceted professional learning experiences that adhere to the specific needs and schedule of your team.

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