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What Really Matters to You? Setting Boundaries to Sustain

Guest(s): Dave Stuart Jr. and Meghan Raftery
Date: 09/27/2023
Run time: 1:01:43
Season 1, Episode 7

In this episode, Dave Stuart Jr. and Meghan Raftery share stories about pivotal moments in their careers, successful classroom strategies, and personal actions they take to minimize stress and stay healthy. Dave and Megan talk about how you don’t have to do it all and how to keep an eye for what you can control. Learn to prioritize and set clear boundaries. 

Dave Stuart Jr. Photo

Dave Stuart Jr.

Dave Stuart Jr. is a husband and father who teaches high school in Cedar Springs, MI. His blog, DaveStuartJr.com, is read by over 50,000 educators each month, and his bestselling These 6 Things: How to Focus Your Teaching on What Matters Most has been cherished by teachers and leaders around the world. Dave is also an accomplished creator of professional development experiences, having led hundreds of impactful experiences for teachers in every US state and multiple countries abroad.

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Meghan Raftery Photo

Meghan Raftery

Meghan Raftery is a freelance educator from Virginia Beach, VA. She is the host of an educator design collaborative called Edjacent, which is committed to creating sustainable education systems through care and advocacy for educators and caregivers. You can learn more about her at www.edjacent.org/meghan-raftery and connect with her on Twitter! @meg5han and @edjacent_collab 

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Carol Pelletier Radford Photo

Carol Pelletier Radford

Carol Pelletier Radford is the founder of Mentoring in Action, an organization dedicated to the success of novice teachers and their mentors. Before she established her own organization to support mentors and new teachers, she was a veteran elementary school teacher and a teacher preparation leader. Carol is the author of Corwin’s bestselling books Mentoring in Action: Guiding, Sharing, and Reflecting With Novice Teachers and The First Years Matter: Becoming an Effective Teacher.

Carol received her Education Doctorate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she focused her studies on mentoring and teacher leadership. She is also a certified yoga teacher who practices meditation and shares mindfulness strategies with educators through her online courses and website. Her podcast Teaching With Light features the stories of teachers and inspirational leaders. Her next passion project is the creation of a Teacher Legacy Network, where retired teachers can share their wisdom with the next generation of teachers.

You can learn more about Carol, find free resources, videos, meditations, courses, and all of her books at mentoringinaction.com/.

Twitter: @MentorinAction
Facebook: @MentoringinAction4Teachers
Instagram: @cpradford

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