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Humanizing Personalized Learning

Humanizing Personalized Learning

Presented by Paul Emerich France
[Recorded] Date: Monday, May 02, 2022
Duration: 60 minutes

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As we encounter the deficit-framing of learning loss and find ways to personalize learning as students heal from a traumatic time, we must challenge conventional wisdom on personalized learning and redefine personalized learning as a pedagogy for humanizing learning. In this webinar, author Paul Emerich France will discuss four steps for humanizing personalization, including centering learners' humanity, teaching in three dimensions, redefining student success, and prioritizing connection in the classroom.

Participants will learn:
- The five myths of personalized learning
- The relationship between individualization, differentiation, and personalization
- Tools and strategies for learner-driven personalization, including journaling, complex instruction, and qualitative assessment practices



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