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This Is Balanced Literacy, Grades K-6

This Is Balanced Literacy, Grades K-6

Presented by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey and Nancy Akhavan
[Recorded] Date: Monday, September 16, 2019
Duration: 60 minutes

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What factors come to mind when you hear the term “Balanced Literacy?” It is a term that has been used (and misused) for so long that it has lost meaning. Time to restore and refine! To create the perfect balance of high-impact learning experiences that engage and excite learners, teachers must be intentional in the design of learning activities, purposeful in the selection of instructional materials, utilize evidence-based teaching methods, and be strategic in groupings of students based on assessment data. Join reading expertsDouglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Nancy Akhavan as they outline the essential evidence-based approaches that define the balance for your students, lighting the path for you to implement balanced literacy in your classroom.

In this session, participants will:

  • Clarify their understanding of what balanced literacy is (and is not) 
  • Explore balanced literacy in terms of skills, text types, instructional groupings, and reading and writing
  • Consider how they might refine current practices to reflect research-based practices

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