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Confronting Uncomfortable Truths About Inequity in Schools

Confronting Uncomfortable Truths About Inequity in Schools

Presented by Carmella S. Franco, Maria G. Ott and Darline P. Robles
[Recorded] Date: Monday, November 07, 2022
Duration: 60 minutes

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Using their unique insights and life experiences as Latina superintendents, the authors of Now What? Confronting Uncomfortable Truths About Inequity in Schools present a guide to navigating barriers, managing differences, and creating an actionable equity plan. Readers will find:
-    a "What Next" blueprint for leaders at all levels to leverage Cultural Proficiency
-    a Culturally Proficient Leadership Rubric for promoting growth
-    an 8-Step Process to help educators gauge status and progress of their equity plan
-    a discussion of current key topics, as well as heightened awareness of injustice and inequities impacting districts, schools, students and their families.

Cultural Proficiency begins with us. By focusing on our beliefs and biases and taking actionable steps, the three authors believe we can become more proficient at eliminating barriers.



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