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3 Results Found

Accelerating Student Learning Institute

The Accelerating Learning Institute led by John Almarode, Nancy Frey, John Hattie, Nicole Law, and Dave Nagel will provide guidance as to how we can leverage our professional expertise through the identification and implementation of evidence-based approaches and then continually seek evidence of the impact of our decisions on student learning. Join us as we unpack a process for making learning visible both to students and teachers. 

Zoom | Nov 04, 2021

General Pricing: $199 per person

Early Childhood Institute

During this professional learning, we will examine the intersection of Visible Learning research and early childhood education. The Visible Learning research helps us navigate some of the most compelling questions about early childhood education by pointing us to what works best when. Together, we will unpack practical ways early childhood educators, families, and learners can collaborate to implement the Visible Learning research and to grow visible learners from the very start.

Zoom | Mar 09, 2022

$199 per person (registration includes a digital copy of Visible Learning in Early Childhood)

2022 Annual Visible Learning Conference

The Future of Learning is NOW! Join us as we accelerate learning through the Visible Learning research and evidence! Together we will explore and improve student growth and achievement in the context of post-pandemic teaching. Making learning visible demands that we leverage our expertise as educators to make decisions about what content, ideas, and skills we want our students to know, understand, and do. To get there, let's embark on the pathways of Visible Learning: Teaching, Leading, Learning, and Equity, which will accelerate growth and make the biggest impact on student learning.

Denver, Colorado | Jul 25 - Jul 28, 2022

Pre Conference: $350 per person

Post Conference: $350 person

Main Event Only: $699 per person