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What Every Teacher Should Know About the Profession and Politics of Teaching

What Every Teacher Should Know About the Profession and Politics of Teaching

© 2004 | 96 pages | Corwin

The classroom teacher's concise guide to accountability issues in the era of No Child Left Behind!

Quality teaching and quality professional development in today's professional learning community require an insider's up-to-date understanding of accountability to stakeholders. The topics covered in this savvy little guide include:

  • Testing and the move to standards
  • School choice
  • Finding resources
  • Ways to communicate
  • Working with colleagues
  • Being supervised
  • The parent-teacher conference
  • The changing face of education
  • Changing ideas about the teaching process
  • Keeping up as a teaching professional
  • Vocabulary pre-test, post-test, and summary                                                                
  • Bibliography and index


About the Author
Vocabulary Pre-Test
1. The Politics of Teaching
Accountability and Testing  
Flexible Use of Federal Resources  
School Choice  
Quality Teachers and Quality Teaching  
2. Being Part of a Learning Community
The Big Machine Approach  
Accountability to the Larger System  
Finding Resources  
Working With Colleagues  
Being Supervised  
Quality Professional Development  
3. Working With Parents
Begin at the Beginning  
Ways to Communicate  
The Parent-Teacher Conference  
What If?  
4. What Does the Future Hold?
The Changing Face of Education  
The Move to Standards  
Changing Ideas About the Teaching Process  
The Teacher as a Professional: Why It Matters  
How Can You Keep Up?  
Vocabulary Summary
Vocabulary Post-Test

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: The Politics of Teaching

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