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Transforming Schools for English Learners

Transforming Schools for English Learners
A Comprehensive Framework for School Leaders

April 2011 | 200 pages | Corwin

"Every school that has English learners should invest in this book. Because Zacarian has worked in the field of language minority education for more than 20 years, the policies, practices, and structures she recommends are solid."
—Christian Faltis, Professor
School of Education, University of California at Davis

"This book addresses issues that school administrators new to EL instruction need to know. Each chapter contains useful tools that deal with student assessment, placement, and monitoring."
—Margarita Calderón, Professor Emeritus
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

"School administrators, resource facilitators, and classroom teachers will find a wealth of strategies and research-based, comprehensive solutions for teaching ELs. Whether a school district has a large population of English learners or is faced with designing an individualized program for just a few, this is a useful toolkit, at once theoretical and practical."
—Lynne T. Díaz-Rico, Professor of Education
California State University, San Bernardino

"I love this book! It is a much-needed practical guide. The scenarios are excellent! They are realistic, pertinent, and capture a range of students' and educators' experiences. The text provides a wealth of timely, accurate information, useful suggestions, and many forms, checklists, and examples."
Janette Klingner, Professor, School of Education
University of Colorado at Boulder

Position your school to successfully teach English learners

Whether you are just beginning to work with or trying to improve the outcomes of English learners, this book provides a comprehensive framework for educating a growing population of public school English learners. Each chapter focuses on a key element of EL education programming as it relates to the entire school. The author uses research-based principles and practices to address such critical topics as:

  • Selecting the appropriate program model for your school
  • Managing time appropriately for English language development and content learning
  • Making data-driven decisions using effective measures of student performance
  • Effectively using Response to Intervention (RTI)

The author summarizes the key Supreme Court cases that led to the federal regulations for educating ELs. Also included is a framework for designing and delivering high quality instruction, enhancing parental engagement, and creating a learning environment and whole-school community where ELs flourish.

Dedication and Acknowledgments
About the Author
1. Administering Schools With English Learners
2. Developing a Rationale for Programming by Understanding Key Historical Events, Principles, and Program Model Types
3. Selecting Effective Program Models
4. Designing, Implementing, and/or Strengthening the English as a Second Language Component
5. Addressing the Subject Matter Component of an English Language Education Program
6. Emphasizing the Importance of Parent Engagement
7. Identifying and Working With English Learners With Learning Differences and Learning Disabilities
8. Making Data-Driven Decisions Based on Effective Measures of Student Performance

"This book provides clear, concise and explicit recommendations for creating effective and inclusive schools that can successfully educate students and engage families of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The proven strategies and structures outlined in this book will help schools successfully address the complex challenges of providing high quality instruction to all students. Drawing on her many years of experience with students, families, and educators, and her deep knowledge of research in the field, Dr. Zacarian weaves anecdotes and case studies from actual classrooms and schools throughout this highly accessible resource."

Louise Law, Principal
Deerfield Elementary School, South Deerfield, MA

"Through carefully selected vignettes, Dr. Zacarian clearly defines the challenges that schools face to appropriately teach ELLs in a variety of contexts. She provides educators with real solutions based on research, practice, and experience. This book should be kept at arm's length when developing effective programs for English language learners."

David Valade, Director of English Language Education
Holyoke Public Schools, MA

"Leading the Schools with English Language Learners is recommended for administrators who have not enrolled in specific courses for ELLs, as the critical information for developing and enhancing programming and achievement is specific and can be used for district and school improvement initiatives."

Kathleen Boyden, Director of Student Services
Hadley Public Schools, MA
Key features
  • Focuses on how educational leaders can improve English language learner's academic performance and school engagement through careful and visionary planning of English language education programming.
  • Addresses both the ESL and subject matter components of an English language education program.·
  • Provides a wealth of practical tools and resources to guide school leaders in selecting and implementing program models for English language learners.

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