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The TurnAround ToolKit

The TurnAround ToolKit
Managing Rapid, Sustainable School Improvement

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December 2010 | 312 pages | Corwin
Lynn Winters's and Joan Herman's The Turnaround Toolkit is written for school leaders who are focused on transforming instruction, and who may be working under significant time constraints to reverse declining student achievement or public perceptions of school failure.

Based on the evidence that simply implementing "continuous improvement" is not enough to close the achievement gap, The Turnaround Toolkit provides a nine-step formative evaluation programme designed to achieve an immediate and consistent focus on improving instruction in order to bolster student achievement. In a straightforward and accessible fashion, Herman and Winters explain three overarching "Turnaround Tasks" that frame these steps and the necessary—and sometimes drastic—actions that must be taken by school leaders as they use data to strategically choose, implement, monitor, and revise school interventions.

A dedicated, online "toolkit" offers numerous worksheets and templates that support each stage of the process and help school leaders scaffold the work of educators to put an aggressive turnaround plan into action while a leadership guide at the end of the book provides guidance to turnaround teams and facilitators.

Foreword by Carl A. Cohn
Publisher's Acknowledgments
About the Authors
Part I. The 3 Rs of Turnaround Work: Realign, Redesign, Refine
Section I. Realign: Create the Structures for Turnaround Work
1. Develop Systems for Managing Turnaround Activities: Distributed Leadership, Collaborative Teams, Expert Reviewers and Networks, Data Capacity
2. Organize Information Needed to Redesign Programs
3. Prepare Data Summaries and Displays
Section II. Redesign: Use Data to Create the Turnaround Plan
4. Identify the Turnaround Focus
5. Redesign Programs to Address the Turnaround Focus
6. Develop and Implement the Turnaround Plan
Section III. Refine: Evaluate and Revise the Turnaround Plan
7. Design an Evaluation of the Turnaround Plan
8. Analyze Evaluation Data and Revise the Program
9. The 4th R of Turnaround Work: Reflect on Lessons Learned
Part II. Leader's Guides for The TurnAround ToolKit
Introduction to Leader's Guides
1. Develop Systems for Managing Turnaround Activities: Distributed Leadership, Collaborative Teams, Expert Reviewers and Networks, Data Capacity: Leader's Guide
2. Organize Information Needed to Redesign Programs: Leader's Guide
3. Prepare Data Summaries and Displays: Leader's Guide
4. Identify the Turnaround Focus: Leader's Guide
5. Redesign Programs to Address the Turnaround Focus: Leader's Guide
6. Develop and Implement the Turnaround Plan: Leader's Guide
7. Design an Evaluation of the Turnaround Plan: Leader's Guide
8. Analyze Evaluation Data and Revise the Program: Leader's Guide
Resources and References

“An absolute MUST-READ for school leaders who need to generate school improvement immediately! This book will help you make your school's ‘turnaround’ happen effectively.”

Bruce Haddix, Principal
Center Grove Elementary School, Greenwood, IN

“Turning around struggling schools is a challenging issue policymakers everywhere face. Lynn Winters and Joan Herman explain not only what to do but how to do it, including useful tools to help educators get started. The TurnAround Toolkit should be read widely.”

Robert Rothman, Senior Fellow, Alliance for Excellent Education
Alliance for Excellent Education

"School leaders searching for a way to achieve dramatic, focused, positive school improvement will find this book valuable. The text's manageable tools will provide a focused guide for improving student achievement."

Pamela H. Scott, Assistant Professor/Graduate Program Coordinator School Leadership
East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

“The author goes to the heart of school improvement by addressing the critical need to elevate learning for all students through the use of formative data and evaluation.”

Jim Lentz, Superintendent
USD 402 Augusta Public Schools, KS

"Lynn Winters and Joan Herman understand there are no quick fixes to turning around low-performing schools. In this book, they draw on their hard-won experience to provide school leaders with the practical guidance necessary to succeed."

Hayes Mizell, Director (1987-2003), Program for Student Achievement
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

"Takes the current school improvement cycle and provides a focus on instruction and tools to get the job done."

Leslie Standerfer, Principal
Estrella Foothills High School, Goodyear, AZ
Key features
  • Shines a light into the black box of school level turnaround work by providing a strategy—formative evaluation—for choosing, implementing, monitoring and revising school (and by extension classroom) interventions designed to improve student achievement and meet Adequate Yearly Progress.
  • Includes two distinct sections—Turnaround Tasks and The Toolkit—designed to walk school leaders through the turnaround process and provide them with the tools to do the work effectively.
  • Highlights three "Turnaround Tasks" within the formative evaluation process for improving instruction: 1) Creating an Instructional Focus; 2) Collecting, Summarizing and Analyzing Data; and 3) Using Data to Maintain an Instructional Focus
  • Each turnaround task is broken down into three manageable steps that constitute the nine-step formative evaluation process.
  • Includes easy-to-use tools and templates for educators who may not have extensive experience with data collection and analysis
  • Subsumes and builds upon current data-driven decision-making approaches such as "Baldrige" or "the cycle of inquiry"

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