The Teaching Revolution

The Teaching Revolution
RTI, Technology, and Differentiation Transform Teaching for the 21st Century

© 2011 | 192 pages | Corwin

Imagine the school of the future!

The Teaching Revolution challenges educators to imagine schools the way they should be, with a "big picture" vision that includes student-driven curricula, interconnectivity, and targeted responsiveness to students' individual needs. The authors provide a futuristic and provocative discussion on combining three major instructional innovations—RTI, technology, and differentiation. Drawing on the growing 21st-century skills movement, the text engagingly weaves these three areas into a vision for school transformation that includes:

  • Utilizing mobile technologies, Web-based instruction, and social media
  • RTI that benefits all students and whole schools in their improvement efforts
  • Project-based learning focused on answering real-world questions

The symbiosis of RTI, technology, and differentiated instruction is so impactful that it will soon dramatically reform teaching. The Teaching Revolution will dare you to dream and guide you through the process of transforming education to become all that you can imagine.

Preface: The Three Sisters: RTI, Technology, and Differentiation are Changing the World of Teaching
1. Beyond Response to Intervention: Teaching As It Ought To Be!
2. Technology: The Engine of Change In the 21st Century Teaching
3. The New Differentiated Instruction: Changing The Way Teachers Teach!
4. The Dynamic Synthesis: Instructional Strategies for the 21st Century Classroom
5. The Teaching/Learning Revolution: Preparing for Systems Change

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