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The Special Educator’s Reflective Calendar and Planning Journal

The Special Educator’s Reflective Calendar and Planning Journal
Motivation, Inspiration, and Affirmation

November 2008 | 152 pages | Corwin
This user-friendly calendar and reflective journal will help special education teachers stay the course in their chosen field, providing both organization and affirmation along the way. Seasoned authors Mary McGrath and Beverley Johns have chosen monthly themes and daily tips specific to the concerns of special educators, from how to keep up with IEP deadlines to how to become stronger student advocates. There is ample space for users to record their own thoughts as they plan ahead, and to reflect on events as they unfold.Topics covered in this calendar include: · Working effectively with parents+ Building team rapport with staff+ Writing and applying IEPs+ Managing stress+ Maintaining your ideals and energy

About the Authors
1. August: Looking Ahead to a New School Year
2. September: Building Team Rapport With Staff Through Consultation and Collaboration
3. October: Working Effectively With Parents
4. November: Writing and Applying Effective and Meaningful IEPs
5. December: Keeping Focused and Organized
6. January: Utilizing the Principles of Specialized Instruction
7. February: Maintaining Your Ideals Through Reflection and Action
8. March: Finding the Support and Strength You Need to Do Your Job
9. April: Working With Administrators and the Greater Community
10. May: Managing the Stress of Closing Out the School Year
11. June: Looking at the Big Picture: Viewing Your Career Long-Term
12. July: Finding Summer Renewal

"I am in awe of the innovative, relevant, and incredible motivational ideas! This tool takes many of the most difficult and challenging areas of special education and provides strategies, guides, and daily reflections that educators need to continue or reignite the passion that called them to serve as special educators."

Mary Beth Schafer, Special Education Consultant

"This calendar contains helpful hints that address all aspects of a teacher’s life. Where was this calendar when I graduated college?"

Beverly Levitt, Special Education Teacher
Round Lake School District 116, IL

"Makes daily tasks easier to remember and complete. It also provides the important opportunity for teachers to assist students with special needs and allow them to progress as much as possible."

Sharonjoy A. Jackson, President-Elect, Illinois Council for Exceptional Children
Past President, CEC Pioneers Division

"The authors highlight the importance of developing a habit of mind for special educators to make a note of their daily observations and reflections about a frustration experienced, a successful new idea they tried, or something new they learned or plan on learning. Teacher candidates, teachers, and teacher educators will find this tool extremely beneficial."

Sarup R. Mathur, Clinical Professor and Cluster Chair for Special Education Curriculum and Instruction
Arizona State University
Key features
  • Week-to-week calendar offers daily professional tips and affirmations
  • Journaling format provides room to record "to do" reminders, goals, and reflections
  • Monthly themes address common concerns of special educators:
    • Working with parents
    • Advocating for students
    • Building team rapport with staff
    • Writing and applying IEPs
    • Delivering specialized instruction at all levels, and much more

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