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The PLC+ Activator’s Guide

The PLC+ Activator’s Guide

First Edition

April 2020 | 176 pages | Corwin

Keeping professional learning communities focused on goals:

High functioning professional learning communities don’t happen by chance. They require deliberate efforts and structures to ensure efficiency and focus, and to ignite action. The first books in the PLC+ series challenged PLC teams to engage in difficult discussions about equity of access, high expectations for all students, and a commitment to building individual and team efficacy. All of this requires activation and skilled facilitation to move from discussion to action. The PLC+ Activator's Guide offers a practical approach, real-life scenarios, and examples that show activators what to expect and how to navigate their PLC+ on a successful and collective journey. Readers will find:

  • Templates to help activators prepare for PLC+ meetings
  • Approaches for fostering and nurturing collaboration
  • Vignettes from real schools that are implementing PLC+
  • Reflection questions with spaces for activators to record notes
  • Solutions for addressing barriers that often arise in PLC+ teams 

Activators will find this an essential guide to keeping PLC+ team discussions goal-focused and the work centered on building the collective efficacy of the team.

Letter From the Authors
About the Authors
Part 1. Activating Your PLC+: Overview
Activating Your PLC+

What Effective Activators Do

Part 2. Activation Requires Effective Collaboration
Facilitation Versus Activation

Five Qualities of a Good Activator

Part 3. Activating Your PLC+: Establishing Roles and Developing Team Cohesion
Supporting Team Cohesion

Establishing PLC+ Roles

Stepping Into Roles Matched to PLC+ Team Member Strengths

Part 4. Activating Your PLC+: Norms and Authentic Instructional Protocols in Your PLC+
Establishing Operating Norms

Social and Emotional Check-Ins

Establishing Process Norms

Operating Norms Versus Process Norms

Utilizing Authentic Instructional Protocols

Part 5. Activating the Five Essential Questions and Four Crosscutting Values of Your PLC+
Activating Guiding Question 1: Where Are We Going?

Activating Guiding Question 2: Where Are We Now?

Activating Guiding Question 3: How Do We Move Learning Forward?

Activating Guiding Question 4: What Did We Learn Today?

Activating Guiding Question 5: Who Benefited and Who Did Not Benefit?

Part 6. The Nuts and Bolts of Your PLC+
Scheduling PLC+ Meetings

Setting Aside the Time for the Work of the PLC+

Overcoming Challenges: (Not Enough) Time

Developing an Assessment Calendar

Part 7. Activating a High-Impact and High-Functioning PLC+
High Impact Versus High Functioning

Part 8. Activating Conversations Focused on Equity
Closing Remarks


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Important Roles in Your PLC+

Important Roles in Your PLC+

This resource from The PLC+ Activator's Guide by Dave Nagel, John Almarode, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Karen Flories outlines important roles in your PLC+ and key qualities for success.



5 Qualities of a Good Activator

5 Qualities of a Good Activator

This table from The PLC+ Activator's Guide by Dave Nagel, John Almarode, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Karen Flories outlines the five qualities of a good activator.



Addressing Challenges in a PLC+

Addressing Challenges in a PLC+

This excerpt from The PLC+ Activator's Guide by Dave Nagel, John Almarode, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Karen Flories addresses some of the challenges that come from working with the dynamics of a PLC+ team.



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Letter from the Authors


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