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The Personnel Evaluation Standards
Updated Edition of Bestseller

The Personnel Evaluation Standards
How to Assess Systems for Evaluating Educators

Second Edition

September 2008 | 232 pages | Corwin
The Personnel Evaluation Standards, Second Edition describes 27 standard statements that together constitute the American National Standard (ANSI/JCSEE 1-2008) issued by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation. This book guides sound evaluations of educators across all levels, from Pre-K through graduate schools. Categorized by four attributes of evaluation propriety, utility, feasibility, and accuracy these standard statements offer insightáand support for decisions that affect tenure, dismissal, promotion, and staff development. This second edition offers important new standards to provide a more comprehensive presentation. Readers will also find substantive revisions for each existing standard and rewritten case studies for extensive coverage of facets such as attention to cultural diversity and use of computer technology in obtaining, storing, and applying evaluation data.

Functional Table of Contents
The Joint Committee
Invitation to Users
About the Authors
Applying the Standards
The Standards
Propriety Standards
Utility Standards
Feasibility Standards
Accuracy Standards
Resource A: JCSEE Statement of Diversity
Resource B: Personnel Evaluations to Which the Standards Apply
Resource C: The Support Groups

"The second edition is comprehensive and reflects the best in current research and theory for not only evaluating teachers but also supporting professional growth as a consequence of the evaluation process."

Robert J. Marzano, President
Marzano and Associates

"Since their first publication in 1988, the Personnel Evaluation Standards have come to be recognized as the universal benchmark for quality control in defining, designing, and implementing educator evaluation systems across the United States and, indeed, across the world. The clear, practical, and systematic explanations and application make the standards essential for any educational professional concerned with performance evaluation."

James H. Stronge, Heritage Professor of Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership
College of William and Mary

"The personnel evaluation standards give our district guidance on how to improve our professional practice and service to benefit students. I encourage anyone who supervises and evaluates educational personnel to become familiar with the standards and to use them as the Joint Committee recommends. The more consistent we are with our evaluation practices, the more we will help students."

Robert J. Rodosky, Executive Director of Accountability, Research, and Planning
Jefferson County Public Schools, KY

Praise for the First Edition:
"So often with regard to evaluation, we cognitively know what we want from individuals, but get caught in how to develop as well as apply standards of expectation. This is a recommended read for school district personnel, colleges, universities, state education departments, and accrediting agencies."

Principal Navigator, May 2008
Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators

Did not have the content that was needed for this course.

Dr Robin Kalder
Mathematical Sciences Dept, Central Connecticut State University
June 28, 2011
Key features
  • Each standard chapter provides an in-depth explanation, rationale, guideline for application, and list of common errors in practice.
  • Brief case studies illustrate either exemplary or cautionary applications of the standard followed by an analysis to either support or correct the application.
  • A Functional Table of Contents guides the reader to focus on specific standards especially pertinent to the desired outcome of the evaluation such as tenure decisions or providing follow-up staff development.
  • A separate chapter offers insight into how users such as school districts and university departments may apply these standards to promote sound personnel evaluation, thus avoiding costly errors that may result in lawsuits, loss of effective personnel, or lack of credibility.

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1. Applying the Standards

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