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The Intuitive Principal

The Intuitive Principal
A Guide to Leadership

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September 2000 | 72 pages | Corwin

"This works! The authors speak boldly about intuition and then back it up with examples. I recommend it resoundingly!"
Penelope Swenson, Assistant Superintendent
Mojave Unified School District

Instructional leader, manager, symbolic leader, and servant leader are some of the many different roles that principals play. Yet, as we enter the 21st century, principals will need to go beyond traditional leadership roles and become "intuitive" enough to know which of these positions, singularly or in combination, is most effective in producing desired results.

Great leaders have always valued intuition as one of their most vital skills. Now aspiring, new, and veteran principals can learn to use intuitive leadership as a vehicle to go beyond traditional leadership roles and produce greater results. Key factors include:

  • Intuitive ways of knowing—an examination of the research
  • Behaviors of intuitive leadership—examples from real-life
  • Intuitive communication—reading the silent language
  • Contradictions of leadership—the impact of various leadership roles

This book will be a "how to" guide for aspiring, new, and veteran principals who are being asked to lead in qualitatively different ways. It will assist them as they "intuit" when, where, how, and why they should assume the role of principal as leader, learner, communicator, servant, and / or catalyst for change. Each topic will be supported by research and include practical applications supported by real-life examples.

Intuitive Ways of Knowing
Developing Behaviors of Intuitive Leadership
Powerful Communication
Reading the Silent Language  
Intuition and the Paradoxes of Leadership

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