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The Daily SEL Leader

The Daily SEL Leader
A Guided Journal

First Edition
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March 2021 | 200 pages | Corwin
Everyone in your school community benefits when you invest in YOU.

Social-emotional learning is one of the hottest education topics today. Most of the focus, however, has been at the student level. The truth is that school leaders can’t implement social-emotional learning effectively if they don’t deeply understand it for themselves.

A deeper, renewed self-awareness and understanding of your own and others’ emotional needs is the key to promoting social-emotional learning across your school. Exploring and mastering core social and emotional competencies a little at a time with the help of this guide fits perfectly with the daily demands of being a school leader, team leader, or classroom leader. Using the core CASEL skills presented in six modules, this guided journal will help you:

Become more self-aware of what each CASEL skill means for leadership
Build stronger relationships throughout schools, classrooms, and communities
Increase credibility and approachability
Engage stakeholders confidently

Because human growth and leadership go hand in hand, meeting students, teachers, and colleagues where they are at emotionally will begin a ripple effect and leave a lasting impact on your learning community.  To do that, however, you must first focus on developing your own SEL skills.


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Module 1: Self-Awareness
Week 1.1: Developing Accurate Self-Perception

Week 1.2: Strengths of Emotions

Week 1.3: Developing Self-Confidence

Week 1.4: Developing Self-Efficacy

Module 2: Self-Management
Week 2.1: Self-Motivation

Week 2.2: Goal-Setting and Productive Habits

Week 2.3: Organizational Skills

Week 2.4: Impulse Control

Week 2.5: Stress Management

Week 2.5: Stress Management

Module 3: Social Awareness
Week 3.1: Perspective Taking

Week 3.2: Empathy

Week 3.3: Appreciating Diversity

Week 3.4: Respect for Others

Module 4: Relationship Skills
Week 4.1 Communication

Week 4.2 Social Engagement

Week 4.3 Relationship Building

Week 4.4 Teamwork

Module 5: Responsible Decision Making
Week 5.1 Identifying Problems

Week 5.2 Analyzing Situations

Week 5.3 Solving Problems

Week 5.4 Evaluating

Week 5.5 Reflecting

Week 5.6 Ethical Responsibility

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