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The Adult Learner

The Adult Learner
Some Things We Know

© 2004 | 112 pages | Corwin
The Adult Learner: Some Things We Know addresses the "warrior" who rises to the challenge of teaching the adult learner. The discussion is designed as a catalyst for dialogue about the adult learner and to uncover the complexities of teaching this rare and riveting species.

This book is organized around three interlocking themes: some things we know about the adult learner; some things we know about change; and some things we know about professional development. In the process of reading the book, the reader gets a glimpse into the research that supports the theory of the adult learner, into the principles that guide the learning practices of the adult learner, and into the strategies that "work in the work setting" for the adult learner.
1. Some Things We Know About Adult Learners
Telltale Comments  
Things We Know  
Adult Learning: The Research Base  
Five Assumptions About Adult Learners  
Supporting Assumptions About Adult Learns  
Krupp's Work on Adult Learners  
Thirty Things We Know for Sure  
2. Some Things We Know About Change
This Horse Is Not Dead  
The Change Game  
Who Moved My Cheese?  
Group Process-Roles People Play  
The Three-Tiered Change Process  
3. Some Things We Know About Professional Development
Evolution of Professional Development Models  
Learning Organizations  
Best Practices in Professional Development  
The Training Model  
4. Conclusion
Concerns Based Adoption Model  
Situational Dispositions for Transfer  
Appendix: Discussion of Statements in Figure 1.1

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