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Teaching Sprints

Teaching Sprints
How Overloaded Educators Can Keep Getting Better

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December 2020 | 96 pages | Corwin

About the Authors
Part 1 - Big Ideas About Getting Better
1.1 Big Ideas 1: Start with the best bets
1.2 Big Ideas 2: Practice makes progress
1.3 Big Ideas 3: Focus on tiny shifts
Reflection Activity
Part 2 - The Teaching Sprints Process
2.2 The Sprint Phase
2.2 The Sprint Phase
2.3 The Review Phase
Reflection Activity
Part 3 - Establishing an Improvement Routine
3.1 Teacher teams - Who could work together in Teaching Sprints
3.2 Scheduling: What can we run our Teaching Sprints during a busy term?
3.3 Choosing a focus: How do we choose an area of practice to work on?
Conclusion - Better Than Before
Appendix A - Teaching Sprints Process Overview
Appendix B - Teaching Jigsaw Protocol
Appendix C - Learn & Let Go Protocol
Appendix D - Boulder, Pebble, Sand Protocol
Appendix E – Picture of Practice Protocol
Appendix F – Check-in Protocol
Appendix G – Review Protocol
Appendix H – Re-allocating Time for Teaching Sprints
Appendix J – Term Planner for Teaching Sprints

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