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Succeeding With Struggling Students

Succeeding With Struggling Students
A Planning Resource for Raising Achievement

Foreword by Max Thompson

October 2006 | 248 pages | Corwin

"A superb resource, Succeeding With Struggling Students brings innovative ideas and a sense of urgency. Richardson shows what is possible when educators fully commit to high levels of learning for all students and take bold, innovative actions to make success a reality."
—Dennis Sparks, Executive Director, National Staff Development Council

The ideal framework to promote successful achievement for underachieving students!

Schools today are working harder than ever to help ensure that all children can learn and achieve high standards. Marti Richardson, a recognized leader in professional and curriculum development, delivers an innovative, classroom-tested program with planning tools to customize it for any school or district's data-based needs.

Designed around a "Learn-It-Teach-It" cycle, the program combines research-based interventions and immediate classroom practice for teachers. Strategies for "preview" instead of "review" instruction move struggling students beyond cycles of repetition, and scaffold learning to help them learn alongside their peers. With an easy-to-understand framework, the program's flexibility makes it adaptable not only for reading but also for other content area instruction. This highly motivational guide provides:

  • Essential questions and templates for administrators
  • Scaffolding for a successful school or district blueprint
  • Tools and strategies for planning and implementation
  • Research-based interventions
  • Links for professional development

With a unique approach that can be adopted or adapted, Succeeding With Struggling Students helps underachievers hold on to the previous school year's learning as well as gain ground to put them ahead and prepare them for new learning. This book gives educators the tools needed to implement the process from print to plan!

The Genesis of the Book  
A Fresh Approach to Thinking  
A Sequential Model for Program Planning: Organization and Content  
About the Author
1. Laying the Foundation: Indentifying Needs
Meet William  
The Achievement Gap  
William's District  
Addressing the Problem  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
2. Planning How We Got There
Paving the Way: Preparing to Develop the Model  
Developing the Model  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
3. Selecting Educators: The Quest for Excellence
A Results-Based Selection Process  
A Student-Focused Outcome  
Articulating the Selection Process: Why It Is Important  
What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do  
Assessment Tools to Ensure Quality in the Selection Process  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
4. Developing a Purpose-Driven Curriculum
Acquiring Knowledge  
Planning the Curriculum  
Organizing and Categorizing the Questions  
Developing a "Question Wheel"  
Characteristics of a Preview Curriculum  
Planning Elements  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
5. Value-Added Instruction
Instructional Effectiveness  
Making Critical Decisions  
Analyzing the Critical Decisions  
The Acquisition Lesson  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
6. Professional Development for Student Learning
Finding the Key to Success  
Setting the Standard for Professional Learning in the Program  
Student Success and the Standards  
The PLP and the Professional Growth Design  
The Role of the Administrator and Coach  
Lab-Based Staff Development  
Staff Development Agendas  
Evaluating Professional Development  
Expected Outcomes for Staff Development  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
7. Assessing for Effectiveness: Evaluating Quality
Establishing the Evaluation Framework  
Evaluating the Journey  
Amplifying Formative Assessment Tools  
Assessing as Staff Development  
Appraising, Judging, and Measuring Value  
Evaluation Design  
Summative Evaluation  
Evaluation Results  
Expanding the Concept  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
8. Summary: Exceeding Expectations
William Today  
Moving Forward: Glacing Back  
Our Challenge  
Making It "Live" for You: A Planning Template  
Appendix A: Evaluation Results
Appendix B: Expanding the Concept
Appendix C: Glossary

"Marti Richardson’s Succeeding With Struggling Students brings innovative ideas and a sense of urgency to the creation of schools in which all students experience academic success. Richardson addresses the key areas of teacher selection, curriculum, instruction, professional learning, and assessment of program effectiveness and provides practical tools to guide readers’ thinking and action planning. This book shows what is possible when educators fully commit to high levels of learning for all students and take bold, innovative actions to make it a reality."

Dennis Sparks, Executive Director
National Staff Development Council

"Not only does her book offer the strategy (preview learning) for attaining that goal, but the book also offers a very specific framework and model for others to apply in developing their own revolutionary innovations."

From the Foreword by Max Thompson
Key features
  • Grounded in research
  • Describes in detail a successful program model
  • Unique approach can be adapted or adopted
  • Provides tools for planning and implementation
  • Essential questions and templates scaffold construction of a unique school or district blueprint
  • Rubric for assessing results provides data
  • Links professional development and student interventions

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