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Students! Get Ready for the Mathematics for SAT* I

Students! Get Ready for the Mathematics for SAT* I
Problem-Solving Strategies and Practice Tests

March 1996 | 216 pages | Corwin
Gives your students an accurate, step-by-step picture of what they'll face on the math portion of the SAT I Reasoning Test. Designed to help students achieve the highest score possible on this crucial exam, the sample questions and practice tests contained here are as close to the "real thing" as they can be. Teaches exactly what and how to study for the SAT I. Here's what this book does: * Helps clarify the structure and use of the SAT I * Provides instructions students can understand * Explains essential skills * Increases confidence based on practice * Gives students the tools they need to do their best Presents typical SAT I problems and their solutions along with a clear explanation of the reasoning and skills required to solve them. Includes a subject cross-index for locating problems in specific areas. Also explores the plusses and minuses (you'd be surprised) of using a calculator during the test. How do you get higher SAT scores? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall--"practice, practice, practice." That's the message in this straightforward guide. If you're a teacher or administrator who wants to give your students the best chances possible on the SATs, or if you're a parent of a student facing the SATs, here's the advantage you're looking for. Follow the plan in this book, and help significantly raise SAT scores.
Review of Mathematical Principles
Sample Multiple-Choice Problems
Sample Quantitative Comparisons
Practice Tests
Solutions for Practice Tests
Index to Problems by Topic

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