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Strategies to Support Students' Academic Language eCourse

Strategies to Support Students' Academic Language eCourse
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Help your students become proficient in academic language

Is academic language a barrier that keeps your students from achieving all they should? This eCourse gives you a complete toolkit for teaching academic language in a holistic way, while building your students’ critical thinking skills and confidence.  

This interactive course is based on a four-pronged approach to acquiring and mastering academic language teaching and learning: sociocultural, developmental, academic, and related to cognitive process. You’ll master new strategies to support your students’ academic language development and mastery of academic content. You will also be able to:

  • Connect your curriculum with topics and issues that are culturally relevant for your students
  • Gain insights through exercises and thought-provoking videos featuring outstanding teachers
  • Develop goals and a measurable plan for academic language learning in your classroom, including a strong focus on family partnerships
  • Incorporate more instructional conversation in your curriculum
  • Help students develop a richer vocabulary and higher-order thinking skills
  • Use learning objectives to motivate and challenge students

This eCourse includes:

  • Classroom videos and teacher interviews 
  • A downloadable Parent Involvement Plan template
  • Guided practice activities for each module

Debbie Zacarian is also available for consulting work, discussing how her framework can be used in a variety of ways, such as unit and lesson planning and peer-to-peer observations.

The ALL Framework
The Sociocultural Frame
The ALL Frame
The Academic Curricular Frame
The Cognitive Frame
Parent Partnerships

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