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Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers

Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers
Using Cognitive Research to Boost K-8 Achievement

April 2004 | 224 pages | Corwin
This book uses the research base on cognition, reading comprehension and retention. It defines strategic reading instruction, describes what a cognitive strategy is, explains the important ways that strategies differ from instructional activities and reading skills, and briefly introduces the seven cognitive strategies that highly effective readers routinely use. Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers also focuses on specific research-based teaching practices that will help students mature into highly effective readers. A variety of K-8 instructional activities successfully teach the strategies, although the activities can be altered to fit any teaching style and grade level. The book concludes with a discussion of school-wide strategic reading instruction for wider implementation.

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The Goals of the Book

Special Features of the Book

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Overview of the Contents


1. The Power of Strategic Reading Instruction
What is Strategic Reading?

What is Strategic Reading Instruction (SRI)

What are the Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers?

What are the Prerequisites for Strategic Reading Instruction?

When is a Strategy not a Strategy?

What's Ahead?

2. Becoming a Strategic Teacher
What Does a Strategic Teacher Look Like?

The Teaching Moves of a Strategic Teacher

The Challenges of Strategic Reading Instruction

The Benefits of SRI

What's Ahead?

3. Understanding the Seven Strategies
Cognitive Strategy #1: Activating

Cognitive Strategy #2: Inferring

Cognitive Strategy #3: Monitoring-Clarifying

Cognitive Strategy #4: Questioning

Cognitive Strategy #5: Searching-Selecting

Cognitive Strategy #6: Summarizing

Cognitive Strategy #7: Visualizing-Organizing

What's Ahead?

4. Instructional Activities to Engage Your Students
Turn on Your CPU (Central Processing Unit): Grades 1-8

Turn on Your Math CPU (Central Processing Unit): Grades 4-8

Add it up: Grades 3-8

A Dozen Ways to Infer: Grades 3-8

A Dozen Ways to Say Infer: Grades 4-8

Fix-up Your Mix-ups: Grades 1-8

Do You Have Any Questions? Grades 4-8

The Prospector: Grades 4-8

The Summarizers Five C's: Grades 3-8

Visualize a Video: Grades K-2

It Pays to Increase Your Word Power: Grades 2-8

Organize it: Grades 3-8

What's Ahead?

5. Organizing for Strategic Reading Instruction (SRI) in Your Classroom
When Should Strategy Instruction Begin?

How Should I Introduce SRI to My Students?

Do I Have to Think Aloud?

How Should SRI Be Paced and Sequenced?

What if an Instructional Activity Doesn't Work?

How Will I Know if My Students are Using the Strategies?

Where Will I Find Time for SRI?

How Can I Juggle It All?

What Does a Lesson Look Like?

What's Ahead?

6. Implementing Schoolwide Strategic Reading Instruction
SRI Requires a Pervasive and Persuasive Reading Culture

SRI Requires Balanced Instruction

SRI Requires a Research-based Curriculum

Is Your School or District Ready for SRI?



"The strengths of this book are many. It translates theory into practice, showing how a solid theory can inform one's teaching."

Stevi Quate, Co-director of the Secondary Literacy Network
University of Colorado at Denver

"Very comprehensive! It contains everything a teacher needs to guide students in comprehension."

Aileen Carew, Marin Reading Council President & Reading Specialist
Bel Aire School, Tiburon, CA

"With a veteran teacher’s insight, Elaine McEwan presents practical instructional activities to which all of my students have responded, even my most reluctant readers. I would recommend this book to both reading and content area teachers."

Larry Snyder, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Taft Middle School, Canton, OH

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