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Social-Emotional Learning Workshops

Why Social-Emotional Learning?

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is more than enrichment—it's integral to academic success. When you invest time in educating the whole child, you're investing in a brighter future—one where students enter college and careers with empathy and the ability to manage their emotions when life happens.

In addition, when educators tend to their own social-emotional needs, they experience less stress, more job satisfaction, and a greater capacity to build relationships with students.

Our Social-Emotional Learning professional learning series covers the core tenets of SEL, offering practical techniques to create a thriving SEL program in your school or district that supports the wellness and readiness of both adults and students in your school communities to thrive.

What You'll Learn

Taking a strengths-based approach, participants will:

  • Encourage the development of identities, belonging, and prosocial skills through interactions with others
  • Understand how individual and collective efficacy extends your and your students' locus of control to improve academic learning
  • Explore emotional regulation as a way to build relational trust, improve communication, and resolve conflict
  • Gain research-backed and classroom-tested strategies to teach and reinforce SEL skills that improve academic and social-emotional outcomes

The Six Tenets of Social-Emotional Learning

    Professional Learning Workshops

    Building on Strengths and Ensuring Belonging

    Every interaction shapes how students see themselves and how they show up for learning. Help students develop a sense of belonging in your school community by focusing on strengths rather than deficits.


    Efficacy and the Community of Care

    Efficacy is strengthened when we believe our efforts, individually or collectively, are making a difference. Create a community of care that fosters individual and collective efficacy while facilitating learning.


    Emotional Regulation, Communication, and Trust

    Trust is the glue that holds relationships—and schools—together. Build, maintain, and repair trust with students and colleagues using educator-tested techniques for teaching emotional regulation and communication skills.


    SEL Implementation Coaching

    Sometimes, it takes an accountability partner with a fresh perspective to implement a sustainable SEL program with fidelity. Corwin-certified consultants provide customized coaching to address your most pressing needs. Coaching can be centered on one or more of the six tenets of SEL or on other needs entirely. Customized coaching may include:

    • A needs assessment
    • Targeted support based on needs you identify
    • Thoughtful recommendations to inform your next steps

    Meet the Thought Leaders

                  Douglas Fisher

                     Douglas Fisher

    Meet Doug



                 Nancy Frey

                         Nancy Frey

    meet nancy


             Dominique Smith

                  Dominique Smith

    meet dominique


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