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Schools of Quality

Schools of Quality

Third Edition

© 2001 | 160 pages | Corwin

"My hat's off to Jay Bonstingl and his third edition of Schools of Quality for pointing out that quality in schools is a process of working in teams, self-assessment, improvement of systems, and having students actively engaged in their learning through problem-solving tools and the use of data for continuous improvement."
Mick McNiel, Director
National Quality Network of the American Association of School Administrators

Successful schools are built on a strong foundation of Quality. In this book, Bonstingl outlines the blueprints for creating such a foundation and provides practical tools and examples for putting the Quality Philosophy to work at every level. By applying these principles, administrators can have more collaborative and trusting relationships with their colleagues and staff. Teachers can develop their students' potential to the fullest, enabling each one to succeed. Students get more involved in their work and take greater pride and joy in doing their work well. Parents become avid supporters of the school and are pleased by their children's improved sense of responsibility.

Bonstingl explains how educators have used the Quality Philosophy to guide strategic planning, communicate more effectively with parents, improve students' learning strategies, and build a community of learners based on mutual respect and clearly defined aims. The many practical Quality strategies in this book are designed to help educators establish processes that foster continuous improvement for everyone involved in schooling.

This third edition of Schools of Quality includes a new prologue by the author, which not only provides a clear overview of the text, but also highlights the fundamental benefits of enacting the Quality Philosophy in today's educational environment. In addition, Bonstingl has enriched the contents by incorporating suggestions from readers of the first and second editions throughout the book.

John Jay Bonstingl is an international education consultant specializing in the application of Quality Philosophy concepts and practices to the continuous improvement of schools, businesses, and governments as learning organizations.




The Bell Curve Meets Kazien
Quality Comes (Back) to America
Learning a New Way to Swim
Reconsidering the Better Mousetrap
Defining the Real Business of Schools of Quality
Continuing the Journey
Quality as a Way of Life

"The quality journey requires a commitment on both the personal and the institutional level. Bonstingl's Five Practices of Quality are the essential building blocks to attain personal goals that will lead to the attainment of institutional excellence. He is truly a leader of the Quality revolution."

Linda James, Emeritus Examiner
Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award

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