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School, Family, and Community Partnerships
Updated Edition of Bestseller

School, Family, and Community Partnerships
Your Handbook for Action

Fourth Edition

August 2018 | 400 pages | Corwin

Strengthen programs of family and community engagement to promote equity and increase student success!  

When schools, families, and communities collaborate and share responsibility for students' education, more students succeed in school. Based on 30 years of research and fieldwork, the fourth edition of the bestseller School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action, presents tools and guidelines to help develop more effective and more equitable programs of family and community engagement. 

Written by a team of well-known experts, it provides a theory and framework of six types of involvement for action; up-to-date research on school, family, and community collaboration; and new materials for professional development and on-going technical assistance. Readers also will find: 

  • Examples of best practices on the six types of involvement from preschools, and elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Checklists, templates, and evaluations to plan goal-linked partnership programs and assess progress 
  • CD-ROM with slides and notes for two presentations: A new awareness session to orient colleagues on the major components of a research-based partnership program, and a full One-Day Team Training Workshop to prepare school teams to develop their partnership programs. (Also available at ____ URL ________.)

As a foundational text, this handbook demonstrates a proven approach to implement and sustain inclusive, goal-linked programs of partnership.  It shows how a good partnership program is an essential component of good school organization and school improvement for student success. This book will help every district and all schools strengthen and continually improve their programs of family and community engagement.

School, Family, and Community Partnerships is one of our go-to resources.  It takes us beyond the “why” of partnerships and gets to the “how.”  It has everything you need to guide school-based Action Teams for Partnerships—from training modules to downloadable documents.

Sarah Del Toro, Family and Community Engagement Manager, Kennewick School District; Kennewick, WA
Kennewick School District; Kennewick, WA

This Handbook is the gold standard for family and community partnerships.  It makes clear connections between theory and practice. Epstein and her colleagues’ decades of research and experiences are organized into a simple-to-navigate and comprehensive resource.  This book will guide both novice and experienced practitioners toward authentic goal-based actions that lead to measurable outcomes.  

Tammy Pawloski, Professor and Director, Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children in Poverty, Francis Marion University, Florence, SC
Francis Marion University, Florence, SC

As a state organization supporting school districts and schools in establishing and sustaining effective family-school partnership programs, the School, Family, and Community Partnerships is our go-to resource.  Everything we need to prepare staff, facilitate meetings, and evaluate practices, programs, and progress is right at our fingertips.

James Palmiero and Carol A. Good, Director and Assistant Director, Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network; Pittsburgh, PA
Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network; Pittsburgh, PA

This book has given us the tools we need to engage families in a systematic, sustained, and integrated program that supports student achievement and behavior.  The Handbook is part of my daily practice when working with schools to promote family and community engagement.

Loree L. Smith, Federal Programs Coordinator, Calcasieu Parish School Board; Lake Charles, LA
Calcasieu Parish School Board; Lake Charles, LA

We believe that effective and equitable programs of partnership require multi-level leadership.  When state, regional, and district leaders and school Action Teams for Partnerships use this practical book with its ready-made tools and training materials, they will see that working with parents as partners increases students’ learning and development.

Mimi Bandura and Ellen Larson, Consultants; Parent Engagement Leadership Institute, Riverside County Office of Education; Riverside, CA
Riverside County Office of Education; Riverside, CA

Changes to this edition:



·         From a Reviewer- “This book gently reminded me through the examples, vignettes, cases, stories, etc. that there is so much more I can and need to do to adequately increase partnerships. This book also gives guidance to leaders on how they can simply and easily involve everyone to increase the involvement.”  Even so- more broad based examples will be added per reviewer request.

  • Chapter Six will be expanded with an explanation of why partnerships are important in elementary schools and special considerations for elementary schools.
  • NCLB will be updated and references to CCSS will be added along with family, community discussions of implementation as well as resistance.

·         A new chapter will be included on how to utilize new social media channels and resources. How do these fit into the types and how can they be used to expand partnerships?

  • Since the book features many previously published chapters and articles, it does not always flow easily.  The introduction sections in each chapter will be enhanced to make transitions easier for readers.

·         Chapter 8 about homework will be updated with new research and examples as well as alignment of  the  TIPS Interactive Homework examples with the Common Core Standards.

·         Margin notes on key ideas will be added per reviewer #5

  • An updated CD-ROM with forms and a PowerPoint presentation for workshops

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