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Reclaim Your Challenging Classroom

Reclaim Your Challenging Classroom
Relationship-Based Classroom Management

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March 2021 | 216 pages | Corwin

Why This Book
Questions You Might Have Before You Begin
Area One: Students’ Perceptions of You as Their Teacher
Area Two: Striving for Continuous Physical Arrangement of the Classroom and Materials
Area Three: Expectations and Procedures by Which Your Classroom Runs
Area Four: Consequences You Choose to Use to Encourage Appropriate Behavior
Area Five: Students’ Engagement in Academic Lessons
Area Six: Classroom Climate and Communication
Appendices: Charts, Resources, Reproducibles, and Keys of Possible Answers

"If you are looking for practical ways to make lasting change in your classroom, this is the handbook for you! Reclaiming Your Challenging Classroom has practical ideas that can be used by the individual teacher, team, or school to address underlying issues of behavior that need to be addressed. This book has self-assessment checklists and ready-to-go strategies every educator needs in the classroom. If you are struggling to teach due to behavior issues, reclaim your time now with this must-have classroom guidebook!"  

Avis Canty-Duck
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Greenville, SC

"Where theory meets practical application, this is the book we’ve been waiting for! Relationships, relationships, relationships….we know they are critical for success in the classroom; however, this book goes a step further and shows us how. Educators of all levels will find useful information to make their classroom lives more successful. We need it ,and our kids deserve it." 

Cindy Corlett
Littleton, CO

"Reclaiming Your Classroom is a must-read for any educator hoping to reach all students. The scaffolding provided by the authors will help transform any classroom into a positive learning environment!" 

Melissa Miller
6th Grade Science and Math Teacher
Farmington, AR

"As a 22-year old elementary school teacher, I learned a lot about myself and my behavior management style while reading this book. Beginning the school year often feels rushed with the district adopted curriculum. However, while reading and reflecting on the questions in this book, I discovered that the key to having the smooth-running, academically-engaged classroom I want begins with having a well-thought out behavior plan. There are so many takeaways from this book: I found myself writing down and bookmarking everything I want to try in the next school year with my students." 

Renee Ponce-Nealon
Elementary School Teacher
Petaluma, CA

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