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Real Talk About Time Management

Real Talk About Time Management
35 Best Practices for Educators

February 2020 | 184 pages | Corwin

Part I: Time Management Mindset
Strategy #1: Ask Yourself Questions
Strategy #2: Be Tuned into the Advice Other Teachers give You about Time Management
Strategy #3: You Have So Much To Do...Why?
Strategy #4: Be a Hunter: Controllable Factors That Add to Your Workload
Strategy #5: Change your Language around your Load
Strategy #7: Watch Your Water Cooler
Strategy #8: When You Feel Paralyzed By Too Much to Do
Strategy #9: Organize and Unclutter
Strategy #10: Prep where it Counts Before the Start of School
Part II: Planning
Strategy #11: Cut Down your Grading Time
Strategy #12: Stick to an Agenda to Save Time
Strategy #13: What's Your Right Climate
Strategy #14: Be Proactive, Not Reactive with Tasks
Strategy #15: Cell phones, Emails, and Social Media...Oh My!
Strategy #16: Plan Enough Time for Each Student
Strategy #17: Peer Mediators to Save you Time
Part III: At School
Strategy #18: Healthy Habits and Curriculum
Strategy #19: Groupwork
Strategy #20: When You Have to Be Present
Strategy #22: Technology
Strategy #23: Help your Students Manage Their Time
Strategy #24: Help your Students Manage Their Time
Strategy #25: Get a handle on paperwork
Strategy #26: Manage time in Parent Meetings
Strategy #27: Extracurricular Activities
Strategy #28: Have a System to Keep Up With Emails
Strategy #29: Know When to Take Little Breaks Throughout the Day
Part IV: At Home
Strategy #30: Manage Correspondence with Parents and Students
Strategy #31: Take care of yourself
Strategy #32: Meditation
Strategy #33: Enjoy your time after School and on the Weekends
Strategy #34: Secondary Trauma
Strategy #35: Compassion Fatigu
An Open Letter to Teachers
Key features
Many of the features will be consistent with the features in Real Talk About Classroom Management.
  • Real Conversations: humorous anecdotes from new teachers about their time management woes
  • Stories and vignettes from the authors’ personal experiences with time management
  • Your Turn sections after every Strategy to provide opportunities for reflection
  • 35 practical strategies for saving time and maintaining wellness

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