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Principal Leadership for Racial Equity

Principal Leadership for Racial Equity
A Field Guide for Developing Race Consciousness

March 2021 | 256 pages | Corwin

INTRODUCTION: Race Matters: From Theory to Action
CHAPTER 1: Developing Myself as a Racially Conscious Leader
Chris Belmont’s Story

Theory of Action

Knowing Myself

Your Racial Autobiography

Ready to Make a Difference the Old Fashioned Way, Debbie Irving

Cycle of Socialization

Knowing my Strengths

CHAPTER 2: Discovering My Why: Essential Self Reflection for Leadership
Christina Hester’s Story

Knowing My “Why”

The Construction Process: From Stating Your Mission to Achieving Results

Single-story Perceptions: Reshaping Our Beliefs

Introducing Racial Affinity Work

CHAPTER 3: Research Reality Check: Key Frameworks for Understanding Ourselves, the System, and Best Practices in Teaching and Leading
Astein Osei’s Story

Critical Race Theory

White Fragility

Visible Learning: Part I

High Operational Practices: The Pedagogy of Confidence: Part I

CHAPTER 4: Racism at Work: Mental Models, Implicit Bias, Microaggressions, and Internalized Racism
Dr. William A. Smith’s Story

Mental Models

Racial Microaggressions and Racial Battle Fatigue

Implicit Bias

Internalized Racism

CHAPTER 5: Understanding My School/District: Unwrapping Legacies of Policy and Practice
Dr. Rhoda Miraphiri-Reed’s Story

Understanding Your School: The Data Dashboard

Student Shadowing: Lessons from a Day in the Life of a Student of Color

Retaining for Success and the Commitment to Excellence: Who’s Willing and Able?

Racist Ideas, Racist Policies

Examining Racial Problems of Practice: Case Studies

CHAPTER 6: A Principal’s Critical Duty: Knowing and Understanding High-return Instructional Strategies
Shelley Nielson’s Story

Protocol for Singleton’s Courageous Conversations

High Return Instructional Strategies: John Hattie’s Visible Learning: Part II

CHAPTER 7: Ensuring Racially Conscious Pedagogy
Maria Graver’s Story

The Impact of White Culture on Beliefs, Behavior, and Policy in Education

Culturally Relevant Teaching

High Operational Practices: Dr. Yvette Jackson’s The Pedagogy of Confidence: Part II

CHAPTER 8: The State of Things
Bias in the News: Strengthening Practice by Analyzing Leadership Actions in Current Events

Black Male Achievement

Racial Discipline Gap

Investigating the Troubling Data About Black Girls’ Discipline and Achievement: Who is to Blame?

Reflecting on Current Black Memoirs to Understand Race and Personal Experience and Develop Tools for Speaking to Parents

CHAPTER 9: Staying Engaged and Leading through Resistance and Ruination
Valeria Silva’s Story

Leading Through Resistance

Leading with a Racial Response to Global and Local Ruination


"Principal Leadership for Racial Equity offers readers a theory of action surrounding the role we must take in our schools and districts to support our next generation learners.  Implicit biases must be eradicated in order for each student to reach their own limitless potential. The authors provide clear examples, anecdotes, insights, and research to support a paradigm shift that will support learners and their overall achievement. Now is the time, the space, and the place to ensure that our youth thrive.

Dr. Jill Gildea
Superintendent, Park City School District, UT

"Principal Leadership for Racial Equity: A Field Guide for Developing Racial Consciousness in School Principals provides tools and reflection for all leaders in education to begin to become true agents of change in our schools and more importantly come to grips with their own biases so that we see more commonalities. This book will allow us to lean into discomfort and become more human."

Elizabeth Alvarez
Chief of Schools, Chicago Public Schools, IL

"Principal Leadership for Racial Equity:  A Field Guide for Developing Racial Consciousness in School Principals is a thoughtful, well written book that is current, relevant, and needed for now and the future.  I strongly recommend this book for current and aspiring administrators.  The book would be an excellent resource for a book study or a graduate course.  I am eager to share this book with my colleagues and administrators I mentor.  This book will be a valuable addition to my professional library."

Shelley Joan Weiss
President, Wisconsin Association for Middle Level Education, Wisconsin Commissioner for the Education of Military Children

"At this critical juncture in which the deleterious impact of race is so profoundly apparent in our schools, Krull, Raskin and Felix have provided us with an epistemological tour de force .   Research, evidence, strategies and practices have been blended into a vital metanarrative from which leaders can mindfully inspire and instill in staff the racial consciousness  needed to confidently enable students of color to demonstrate their innate propensity for high intellectual performances, self-determination and personal agency."

Yvette Jackson
Adjunct Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

"The authors of Principal Leadership for Racial Equity mince no words and address head on the brass tacks issues that need to be confronted if American education is going to make any headway related to respecting and valuing every human being as a human being regardless of race, ethnicity, background, or any other factor. In the current political and social environment, this issue is more important than ever. This book expands on, differentiates itself from and is more direct than any other publications out right now on how to go about leadership equity work."

Karen L. Tichy, Ed.D
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Saint Louis University, MO

"I only wish that this book had been available during my service in public schools – as a principal, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent.  I would recommend that all leaders and educators who are interested in creating an environment of true understanding and equity utilize this text as the foundation for intentional professional learning, reflection and committed action.  As a leadership coach, this book will be an invaluable resource.  Principal Leadership for Racial Equity is a gift- to both adults and more importantly students!"

Lynn Macan
Leadership Coach Learner Centered Initiatives, NY

"Lights! Camera! Action! Inequities in education for students of color are now in focus and Principal Leadership for Racial Equity addresses the actions to be taken to make sure all students are successful."

Laura Schaffer Metcalfe, Ed.D.
Director, Early College Programs Mesa Community College, AZ

"The timing for Principal Leadership for Racial Equity is perfect and the structure of this book will best support leaders address issues we all face in the field.

Cathy Sosnowski
Assistant Professor, Central Connecticut State University, CT

"Leading for equity requires deep personal reflection, courage, and skill.  This book provides tools and resources to tap into all three.  Reading and completing the exercises within this book provide a platform for knowing yourself and developing that knowledge into a set of behaviors and actions that create equitable conditions within your school or organization.  Leaders who are continually growing in their confidence to do what is just and their ability to guide whole communities of practice in this work will want to learn from the experience and expertise of these authors. It will make a positive difference in the lives of the students and families in their schools.

Shannon Hobbs-Beckley
Director of Teaching & Learning, Graded – The American School of Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Principal Leadership for Racial Equity prompts deep personal reflection and goes beyond the ‘surface’ level work to get to the focus of this work. This topic can be a ‘courageous’ undertaking and this book provides the tools and personal reflection needed to truly engage in order to interrupt the cycle of practices that do not work for all students. It is not good enough to focus on success for most students – we need to focus on equity for all students!"

Lena Marie Rockwood, Ed. D.
Assistant Principal, Revere Public Schools, MA

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