Preventing Long-Term ELs

Preventing Long-Term ELs
Transforming Schools to Meet Core Standards

  • Margarita Espino Calderon - Consultant, John Hopkins University (Professor Emerita), University of Texas, El Paso, San Diego State University, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Liliana Minaya-Rowe - University of Connecticut, USA

© 2011 | 176 pages | Corwin

"Offers invaluable resources for teachers and administrators taking a proactive approach to eliminating the subgroup of long-term English learners."
—Yee Wan, Multilingual Programs Coordinator
Santa Clara County Office of Education, San Jose, CA

"This book encapsulates a serious call to action: challenging leaders and educators to forge bold yet eminently practical pathways toward high-quality, evidence-based systematic instruction."
—Virginia R. Champion, Senior Education Specialist
Region One Education Service Center, Edinburg, TX

10 keys to keeping English learners from falling through the cracks

Students who struggle with academic English are likely to struggle with academic content throughout their school years. This practical guidebook's 10 components for success will help educators at all levels close this achievement gap. Best-selling authors Margarita Espino Calderón and Liliana Minaya-Rowe provide step-by-step instructions for integrating vocabulary and writing across the curriculum to improve students' learning. Key features include:

  • A clearly articulated, evidence-based professional development program for teaching diverse English language learners effectively
  • Coverage of a variety of program types
  • Research-based tools for improving instruction and measuring learning progressions
  • Methods for implementing an EL program while meeting core standards and content objectives

Inside are studies from a principal and superintendent and an array of assessment tools, checklists, and resources to guide you through the improvement process and establish a meaningful accountability system for the benefit of teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

About the Authors
1. U.S. Schools are Failing ELs: A Call for Change
2. The ELs
3. Tools For Schools: The Framework for Preventing LT-ELs
4. Instructional Program Options for ELs
5. Selecting and Teaching Academic Vocabulary / Discourse
6. Reading in the Content Areas
7. Writing Strategies for ELs and Struggling Writers
8. Engaging ELs via Cooperative Learning and Classroom Management
9. Race to the Top: What Administrators Need to Do
10. How a Middle School went from Reconstituted to Highest Performing in Two Years: A Principal's Perspective
11. Systemic School Reform: Partnering to Ensure EL Success
12. LT-ELs and Core Standards
Key features

(1) Provides a clear vision of professional development for effective instruction of language minority students that is grounded in solid research.

(2) Covers a variety of program types including dual language and two-way bilingual, transitional, and ESL and structured immersion programs.

(3) Designed for use by leadership teams at the school, district, and state levels.

(4) Filled with an array of practical tools and resources for use in implementing high quality PD programs

(5) Includes coverage of coaching that is based on the author's research identifying coaching practices and tools that have been effective in changing teacher practices.

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Chapter 1: U.S. Schools Failing ELs

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