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Corwin’s PLC+ provides attendees with a practical and evidence-based framework to support collaborative structures for the planning and implementation of student learning. True to PLC structures in the past that have positively impacted student growth and achievement, this framework ensures clarity is present at the onset centered on what students need to learn.

PLC+ Series

​​​​​​Foundation Days will focus on understanding the 4 cross-cutting values of PLC+: Activation, Expectations, Equity, and Self and Collective Efficacy so you can answer the 5 Essential Questions.

​​​​​​Evidence for Action Day focuses on hands-on activities that are designed to increase their understanding of the most effective elements of successful PLCs. Evidence is collected throughout the day to help build their PLC+ framework.

Customized Implementation Days are built upon the data that was gathered during the Evidence for Action Day and begin to create their action plans. Discussions include coaching effective PLC+ structures, facilitating skills development, data analysis, leadership support, and focused support on specific PLC+ areas.

PLC+ learning intentions

PLC+ learning intentions

  • Understand the PLC+ Framework Essential Questions and cross-cutting values
  • Understand the potential impact of PLC+ Implementation
  • Understand the steps required to implement PLC+ framework
  • Understand how PLC+ builds individual and collective efficacy and teacher credibility
  • Articulate the PLC+ essential questions and cross-cutting values
  • Identify the current reality of PLC structure
  • Identify common challenges facing your PLC
  • Identify tools and resources to implement the PLC+ framework
  • Decide actions to support the implementation of the PLC+ framework
  • Design PLC+ structures that positively impact student and teacher learning
  • Identify facilitation strategies to support a high functioning PLC+ structure
  • Identify tools to determine the impact of PLC+ decisions and actions

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