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PLC+ Workshop Series

PLC+ professional learning workshops are designed to refresh current collaborative structures and support decision making in the context of collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the activation of your own learning. PLC+ professional learning workshops, led by certified consultants, help teacher teams gather data and answer questions such as:

  • What are the common barriers to your students' learning and how should you implement removal techniques to ensure students' learning is accelerated? 
  • What are the common challenges your PLCs are facing?
  • How can we design PLC structures that positively impact student and teacher learning?

​​​​​​Foundation Days will focus on understanding the 4 cross-cutting values of PLC+: Activation, Expectations, Equity, and Self and Collective Efficacy so you can answer the 5 Essential Questions.

​​​​​​Evidence for Action Day focuses on hands-on activities that are designed to increase their understanding of the most effective elements of successful PLCs. Evidence is collected throughout the day to help build their PLC+ framework.

Customized Implementation Days are built upon the data that was gathered during the Evidence for Action Day and begin to create their action plans. Discussions include coaching effective PLC+ structures, facilitating skills development, data analysis, leadership support, and focused support on specific PLC+ areas.

PLC+ learning intentions

PLC+ learning intentions

  • Understand the PLC+ Framework Essential Questions and cross-cutting values
  • Understand the potential impact of PLC+ Implementation
  • Understand the steps required to implement PLC+ framework
  • Understand how PLC+ builds individual and collective efficacy and teacher credibility
  • Articulate the PLC+ essential questions and cross-cutting values
  • Identify the current reality of PLC structure
  • Identify common challenges facing your PLC
  • Identify tools and resources to implement the PLC+ framework
  • Decide actions to support the implementation of the PLC+ framework
  • Design PLC+ structures that positively impact student and teacher learning
  • Identify facilitation strategies to support a high functioning PLC+ structure
  • Identify tools to determine the impact of PLC+ decisions and actions

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