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Discover the five questions that will lead to effective PLCs

"The heartbeat of a PLC+ rests in the quality time members invest in one another engaged in inquiry of their practices. Time spent in each other’s classrooms is an essential part of this equation." (PLC+, pages 106-107)

The PLC+ framework is designed to refresh current collaborative structures and support educator’s decision making in the context of individual and collective efficacy, expectations, equity and the activation of their own learning. In order to take the first step, there are several questions to ask in order to build a high-functioning PLC. These questions (and your team’s answers) will help take your PLCs to the next level.

Download our guide to gain:

  • Best practices directly from Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and other thought leaders
  • Steps to empower your PLC
  • Actions that will transform the way you teach
  • Reflections on evidence of learning
  • Insight into how to make a different for all students’ learning

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About PLC+ professional learning

PLC+ professional learning framework (now offered virtually!) is aimed at refreshing current collaborative structures and helps support teachers’ decision-making in the context of individual and collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the activation of their own learning. PLCs must effectively identify the learning needs of their teachers. This is achieved through intentional discussion, collaborative reflection, and examination of impact.


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