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Pathways to Cultural Awareness

Pathways to Cultural Awareness
Cultural Therapy With Teachers and Students

Edited by:
  • George Spindler - Stanford University, Center for the Study of Families and Youth
  • Louise Spindler - Stanford University, Center for the Study of Families and Youth

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Cultural Competence

December 1993 | 360 pages | Corwin
Cultural therapy is a way of helping people cope with cultural diversity and societal inequity through the mediation of the school as a central institution for cultural transmission and maintenance.

This book illustrates how cultural therapy can be applied in educational settings to promote better understanding among teachers and students. Each chapter presents a situation in which the author has been intimately involved, offering a variety of approaches to, and interpretations of, cultural therapy.

Henry T Trueba
George and Louise Spindler
Helping Teachers and Students Understand Cultural Diversity  
George and Louise Spindler
What is Cultural Therapy?
Patricia Phelan and Ann Locke Davidson
Looking Across Borders
Students' Investigations of Family, Peer, and School Worlds as Cultural Therapy  
Tom Schram
Players Along the Margin
Diversity and Adaptation in a Lower-Track Classroom  
Christine R Finnan
Studying an Accelerated School
Schoolwide Cultural Therapy  
Ann Locke Davidson
Students' Situated Selves
Ethnographic Interviewing as Cultural Therapy  
Mary E Hauser
Working with School Staff
`Reflective Cultural Analysis' in Groups  
Juan Garciá-Castañon
Training Among Refugee Students
Chicano Anthropologist as Cultural Therapist  
Peggy Wilson
Working on Cultural Issues with Students
A Counseling Psychologist's Perspective  
Shelley Goldman, Seth Chaiklin and Ray McDermott
Mentoring Elementary Students Via E-Mail
Crossing Cultural Borders  
Frank Logan
Youths in an Intensive At-Risk Program
A Critical Look at Cultural Therapy  
George and Louise Spindler
Reflecting on Applications of Cultural Therapy  

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