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Passionate Leadership

Passionate Leadership
Creating a Culture of Success in Every School

First Edition
  • Salome Thomas-EL - Head of School, Thomas Edison Charter School
  • Joseph Jones - Director of Assessment and Accountability at New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District
  • T.J. Vari - Assistant Superintendent, Appoquinimink School District

Foreword by Todd Whitaker

June 2019 | 216 pages | Corwin

Reignite your passion for serving children!

Have you fallen into a rut? Has your position become simply a “role” or a “job?” The authors of this book will remind you why education, the most important profession in our society, demands passionate leadership.

Passionate Leadership is an aspiring call to action for teachers and principals around the world to recommit to passionately serving children, building the communities children deserve, and celebrating our successes. Take ownership, push to new heights, and break old boundaries by following the strategies in this book. Discover

  • Practical ideas and suggestions for how to serve as a beacon of hope in the field
  • First-hand experiences from enthusiastic leaders modeling what passionate leadership looks like
  • Charts and graphs that will help you assess your strong points and identify areas you can improve on

Student success and growth begin with leaders who commit to taking courageous action!


Acknowledgments and Dedication
About the Authors
Introduction: Fueling the Passion in Our Schools
Chapter 1: A Learning Culture, Not a Teaching Culture
Everyone Works to Learn  
Unintended Consequences  
An Aligned System of Improvement  
Growth From the Inside Out  
Quality Levels of Support  
Support and Growth Through Feedback  
Leadership: Choosing Your Direction  
Charting the Difference  
Fueling Passion Through Opportunity  
A Culture of Joy and Fulfillment  
Creating A Learning Culture by Design: Commitment and Desire  
Chapter 2: Developing the Desire for Change to Grow Faster
Speeding Up the Process  
Feedback Faster: Creating Systems of Improvement  
Systematizing PD and Feedback  
Defining the Outcomes  
Something for Everyone  
Technical Tip #1: Everyone Gets a Personal Growth Plan  
Technical Tip #2: Hire for a Growth Mindset  
Chapter 3: The Wonder of a Work Ethic
Everyone Contributes  
Everyone Means Everyone  
Break the Cycle of Failure  
Embrace an I Believe Attitude  
Leadership: Choosing Your Direction  
Charting the Difference  
Empower Student Ownership by Creating New Opportunities  
A Culture Where Everyone Is Connected and Leadership Matters  
Creating a Community of Support by Design: Networking and Storytelling  
Chapter 4: Stronger Backs, Not Lighter Loads
A Contribution is Mandatory  
Making a Mark: The Best Ways to Make an Impact  
Systematizing Strengths  
Defining the Roles and Naming the Positions  
Everybody Makes a Difference  
Technical Tip #1: Survey for Strengths, Hobbies, and Fun Projects  
Technical Tip #2: Hiring Contributors  
Chapter 5: Committing to a Culture of Celebration
The Power of Connection  
The Revolving Door  
You Can’t Lift Anything Up While You’re Pushing It Down  
There’s More Than One Way to Define Success  
Leadership: Choosing Your Direction  
Charting the Difference  
Know Where You’re Going, How to Get There, and if You’re in the Right Vehicle  
A Culture of Celebration  
Creating a Positive Culture by Design: Recognition and Understanding  
Chapter 6: Positive Educators Ignite the System
Celebrate Like You Mean It  
Two Data Treasure Troves: Create Short-Term Wins Through Goal-Setting  
Systematizing Celebrations  
Defining What and Why We Celebrate  
Diversifying the Who  
Technical Tip #1: Building the Budget to Celebrate  
Technical Tip #2: Hiring Positive People  
Conclusion: A Blueprint for Sustaining Passion in Our Schools
Key features
  • The authors have identified the most common obstacles to passionate leadership (Trip Traps) and how to avoid them
  • Mantras to Live By – guides for a passionate start to every morning
  • The book is written by practitioners for practitioners with examples from the field including 3 inspirational stories and 6 vignettes with key takeaways
  • The authors divide passionate culture into three distinct features and provide easy-to-use charts to identify where cultures are lacking so you can work to improve them.
  • How-To’s that reveal the practical next steps for leaders
  • Tips for hiring practices so that your passionate leadership efforts are sustainable for the future
  • Every chapter ends with Reflection Questions so that you can take inventory and take action right away
  • The authors conclude the book with an action-oriented reflection activity and self-assessment to be used by individuals or teams.

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