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Passing the Principal as Instructional Leader TExES Exam
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Passing the Principal as Instructional Leader TExES Exam
Keys to Certification and School Leadership

Third Edition

Foreword by Jeanne M. Gerlach

February 2019 | 184 pages | Corwin

This is the premier test preparation book for anyone taking the Texas Principal's Examination. Elaine Wilmore has offered test taking, question writing and analysis guidance to thousands of successful school principals over the years and this edition will be thoroughly revised to coordinate with the new Texas tests that are expected to begin Dec, 2018.

Passing the Principal TExES Examination: Keys to Certification and School Leadership was written to help educators in Texas pass the principal Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES). The original 2002 edition became an instant Corwin best seller, and the 2nd edition remains a best seller to this day. It is used by universities and alternative preparation programs, as well as individual students, across the state. This third edition is based on 6 new domains and 11 competencies provided through Texas law (19 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 241.15) and developed by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and the success of the 2 original editions. In addition, this updated version addresses the changes from the 068 version of the TExES to the new 268 version.

The nature of the book is both broad and specific. Part I provides the global overview, tools, and format of the book.

Part II provides the philosophy and theoretical framework for TExES success. It details the Texas domains, competencies, and leadership philosophy on which TExES is constructed. Each of Part II’s 11 chapters details a specific competency in a down-to-earth, interesting manner using real-life stories for practical application while engaging the reader and connecting theory to practice. Each chapter has the details necessary for proactive school leadership and TExES success. The book closes with an extensive list of additional resources to supplement each domain. Section III ties the philosophy of TExES to other important test-taking concepts and techniques such as how to read and analyze data, manage time while testing, and use specific strategies to discern correct answers. It includes information about how to create an individualized personal success plan, how to prepare for the TExES, and what to do in the weeks, days, and night before the test.

Passing the Principal TExES Examination: Keys to Certification and School Leadership, 3rd edition is a valued asset for current administrators seeking to refine, refocus, and develop their learner-centered leadership skills as well as helping aspiring administrators pass the TExES examination. With a proven record of success, the book will not only provide a solid theoretical framework for school leadership, it will make learning fun and inspire greatness. Readers will enjoy the book, be ready to pass the TExES exam, and then to change the world—one school at a time

About the Author
1. Welcome!
Basic Concepts  
Leadership: A Skill or an Art?  
Getting Started  
2. Updates to the Test Structure: 068 to 268
Types of Responses  
3. Principal Assessment of School Leadership (PASL)
What’s it All About, Alphie?  
4. Standing on the Promises
Global Overview of TExES Domains  
Key Concepts  
Guess My Favorites  
The Ideal Principal  
The Six Domains  
Domain I: School Culture  
Domain II: Leading Learning  
Domain III: Human Capital  
Domain IV: Executive Leadership  
Domain V: Strategic Operations  
Domain VI: Ethics, Equity, and Diversity  
5. Learner-Centered Leadership and Campus Culture
Domain I: Leadership of the Educational Community  
Domain Key Concepts: Culture, Vision, Stakeholders  
The Principal Knows How To?.?.?.  
Prioritized Statements  
Important Points to Remember  
6. Learner-Centered Leadership With Stakeholders
Domain I: School Community Leadership  
Domain Key Concepts: Culture, Vision, Stakeholders  
The Principal Knows How To?.?.?.  
Prioritized Statements  
Important Points to Remember  
7. Learner-Centered Leadership Through High Quality Instruction
Domain I: School Community Leadership  
Domain Key Concepts: Instruction, Teacher Effectiveness, Student Achievement  
The Principal Knows How To?.?.?.  
Prioritized Statements  
Important Points to Remember  
8. Learner-Centered Leadership in Promoting Teacher Effectiveness and Student Achievement
Domain II: Instructional Leadership  
Domain Key Concepts: Instruction, Teacher Effectiveness, Student Achievement  
The Principal Knows How To?.?.?.  
Prioritized Statements  
Important Points to Remember  
9. Learner-Centered Leadership Through Professional Development
10. Learner – Centered Leadership Promoting Teacher Excellence and Growth
11. Learner-Centered Leadership Through Communication Skills
12. Learner – Centered Leadership in Improving Student Outcomes
13. Learner – Centered Leadership in Goal Setting
14. Learner – Centered Administrative Leadership
15.Learner-Centered Ethical and Equitable Leadership
16. No Data Left Behind: How Do I Read All Those Reports?
17. Test-Taking Strategies: Now Listen to Me Here?.?.?.
18. Creating a Personal Success Plan: Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way
19. That’s What It’s All About: Actually Becoming Certified
Addendum A: Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Educator Standards
Addendum B: Sample TARP Report
Addendum C: Texas Administrative Code, Code of Ethics
Suggested Additional Reading
Key features
This book is a perennial best seller since it offers easy to follow guidance and practice for anyone who has to take the TExES Principal's examination in order to be certified. 

1. Will reflect changes in the Texas Licensing Exam that goes into effect in 2019 with a K-12 focus
2. Will add discussion of online strategies for taking the test to follow reality of today's environment
3. Much more attention will be placed on "decision sets" with questions regarding the state Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS).
4. Will include many additional test taking strategies developed by the author

As you know, the state is changing the Principal TExES Exam. This will not be an update to the test as it has been in the past. It will be a total new “redesign.”


The test protocol is at least 75% different. There will still be the typical decision sets that we are masters at addressing.


That is where the resemblance ends. The rest of the test is going to include DISCUSSION QUESTIONS as well as VIDEOS for the students to respond to. I have attended every meeting the state has had on this, regardless of location, hoping they would eventually provide something a little more firm to describe these portions. The most recent word is the test will roll out in Dec, 2018.


Students are scared  to death so they are pushing HARD to pass the existing test before September. Professors are WAY past concerned. I am getting regular contacts from professors and students as to what I, alone, am going to do about this. It’s   Like they are dependent on me to save them from the new big, bad, expensive test.



Outline of Changes:



I have the new standards and can begin writing to address them. They are in-stone and have been released. There is nothing that new in them, but everything is moved around considerably. There is nothing I am not confident about handling.




I can, between now and May, do the preliminary writing of the facts we know. In May they are supposed to release the last of what they are going to release towards the test protocol. I will already have developed the Decision - Making Process Template as well as the Writing Template and Tips for Writers since so many of the responses are going to be written. Then I can spend the early part of the summer using the last from the State for Part II and polishing it up.

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