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Multiple Intelligences for Differentiated Learning

Multiple Intelligences for Differentiated Learning

May 2007 | 104 pages | Corwin
There is an intricate literacy to Gardner's multiple intelligences theory that unlocks key entry points for differentiated learning. Using a well-articulated framework, rich with graphic representations, Williams provides a comprehensive discussion of multiple intelligences. He moves the teacher and students from curiosity, to confidence, to competence in understanding and using the multiple intelligences theory in the most practical ways in curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Part One: Introducing Multiple Intelligences (Getting Acquainted with the Theory)
The Beginning: Founder and Theory

Gardner's Criteria for Distinguishing an Intelligence

Proponents for Application of the Theory

Implications for Differentiation

Part Two: Multiple Entries to Differentiation
Brain Theory

Curriculum/Standards--Any Subject

Instruction--Calling for Attention--Curiosity

Assessing Active Engagement


Part Three: Multiple Connections for Differentiation
Constructivist Theory

Curriculum/Standards--Focus On Concepts

Instruction--Memory, Confidence

Assessing Conceptual Grasp

Part Four: Multiple Representations in Differentiation
Transfer Theory

Curriculum/Standards--Focus on Details

Instruction--Depth Understanding--Competence

Assessing Performance and Application


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