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Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligences

Third Edition

June 1997 | 264 pages | Corwin
Three of the most respected minds in education today have come together to assist teachers in modifying assessment practices by laying out a road map that guides readers through multiple intelligences and assessment practices. In this updated edition of Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligences, authors James Bellanca, Carolyn Chapman, and Elizabeth Swartz show how to devise specific performance standards for each intelligence and easily apply them directly in the classroom. They also demonstrate why each intelligence is important to a curriculum and offer ways to strengthen each intelligence.

This resource includes:

Definitions of the intelligences

Examples of the best teaching methods for developing each intelligence

Useful standards for creating a rubric for each intelligence

An example of an appropriate measurement tool and discussions on various alternatives

Sample lessons that target the intelligence

1. The Assessment Challenge: Assessing Classroom Standards
2. Multiple Strategies for Multiple Assessments
3. Multiple Tools for Multiple Assessments
4. Assessing Performances in Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
5. Assessing Performances in Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence
6. Assessing Performances in Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
7. Assessing Performances in Visual/Spatial Intelligence
8. Assessing Performances in Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
9. Assessing Performances in Intrapersonal Intelligence
10. Assessing Performances in Interpersonal Intelligence
11. Assessing Performances in Naturalist Intelligence
12. Creating a Multiple Intelligences Portfolio
13. Communicating Multiple Intelligences Assessment with Parents

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